Monday, July 23, 2007

Cat sitting and baby stressing

Two weekends in a row of absolutely no plans, no guests and no interruptions. I feel like a new woman. I’ve become such a hermit these last few years. My favorite days are the ones during which I never set food outside my home. I’m perfectly content to clean my house, snuggle on the couch, make a big ass dinner and go to bed by 10 pm. Just perfection.
Of course, I’m also trying to bank days like that since in just under 5 months, they will no longer be an option. Sure, I may not leave the house, but I’ll be stuck inside with a bald, toothless screaming boss. Who has the audacity to want to eat boob. Sheesh, the nerve of some infants!

This particular weekend we were kitty sitting for Sarah. Sarah’s kitten is only a few months old, and I didn’t like the idea of him spending that much time alone, so he came to play at my house. Most people would never think to do this because cats are all a bunch of assholes. But my girl kitties genuinely LOVE other cats, especially baby ones. I was a little worried about Fiddy, since he’s never been around kittens, but figured they’d work it out.

I am clearly a retard.

As soon as the kitten was in the room, the girl kitties tried to adopt him. The kitten freaked the fuck out, and started hissing, spitting and slapping. Fiddy, it turns out, is not a fan of any other cat being the center of attention, and promptly hissed at the kitten.

That pretty much set the tone for the next 36 hours kitten was over. So, I spent a lot of time refereeing, and reminding the big cats “You are bigger than him! Don’t let that punk push you around! Teach him some manners!” Eventually they all found a way to co-exist, the girls ignored the kitten, and avoided any room he was in, Fiddy eventually figured out he can take this kid, and started smacking him around.

So, if having more than one kid is like that, I think duct tape and rope will definitely be in order.

I’m not good at procrastinating. If something needs to be done, I want to do it now. As such, this whole waiting for baby thing is beyond annoying. It’s way too early to be purchasing things, and really there isn’t much I can do right now to prepare that will keep. So, instead, I settle on making spreadsheets of items needed, when we need them by and the approximate cost of these items. Type A personality, indeed! I’m such a planner, I can’t help it, and I know I’m driving myself and Xtian nuts. But what else am I going to do?
I think my friends will all remember the panicked grout-scrubbing that preceded my wedding. Well, what else was I going to do with TWO WHOLE DAYS before the wedding? I’m not very good at sitting still.

So, hurray, anyone with kids want to tell me things you needed but didn’t think you would? Or things you thought would be important and totally weren’t? I’m starting to lose my mind a little bit here, and we still have until December. GAH!

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