Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Throw some D's on that bitch.

Oh my, the tiredness, she is upon us. I was reading my book while I ate a little lunch, and could not keep my eyes open. I attempted to just put my head down for a few minutes and catch a little rest, but the people in my office do not understand that’s NOT an invitation to check in with me. I know it’s out of concern (or gossip possibilities), but DUDE! I’m trying to catch a little catnap before I have to be back on my game. You asking, “Is everything ok?” is not helping.

That’s it; a soda and a Ho Ho are completely called for.

I realize that the people I work with are not always the smartest or most socially savvy people in the world. But, really, I didn’t expect to be drilled about the reason I quit the softball team. Most people just mention that I quit, ask if everything’s ok, and move on. I guess they realize that when medical stuff is involved it’s not usually any of their business. Except for one guy. He dropped by yesterday to ask about my leaving the team. But wouldn’t let me leave it at, “Well, my doctor said I shouldn’t be playing, hopefully I’ll be back next season.” Larry needed to know why. And kept asking. I finally had to say, “I’m not comfortable talking about it, so I’d appreciate your respecting that.” Would it even occur to you to start quizzing someone you’ve only spoken to in passing about their medical situation? Now, granted, I’ll eventually tell my office about Mocha Cub, but it’s entirely too early to be public knowledge (although I don’t seem to have any problem publishing it on the internet, so maybe I’m a smidge retarded…)

Damned if that Ho Ho didn’t make me want another. Curse you and your deliciously awful dessert products, Hostess! Oh well, I haven’t gained any weight since I got pregnant, so I’m completely justifying my near-constant eating.

Oooh, I think I saw some donuts in the kitchen… this has definite possibilities.
Rock the Tuesday, yo.

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