Friday, May 4, 2007

Things that are awesome today:

I have motion sensor lights in my office at work. I've recently found that turning off all the lights in my office greatly reduce my headaches. This has the added bonus of really PISSING OFF the HR Snitch. I think that's what we call "Killing two bitches with one stone."

I ate a banana earlier. As I was eating it, I wondered if it was a touch past it's prime. Now, I'm burping what can only be described as "banana wine." This is not as awesome as it sounds.

I got reamed for leaving 30 minutes early last Friday. But apparently, HR Snitch can just NOT SHOW UP today, and that's not a problem. Score one for lushes.

After a week like this one, nothing sounds better than snuggling up to a tall Captain and Coke. Unfortunately, I'm growing an alien, therefore I will have to settle for a nice Cranberry Juice. It is not the same.

Xtian went looking for a "Stop snitching'" t shirt for me yesterday. Unfortunately, these t-shirts were made popular by drug dealers who were tired of people talking to the cops. As a result of these two things, several employees of t shirt shops across the bay area now believe Xtian is a drug dealer.

This concludes today's episode of "things that are awesome."
Enjoy the weekend, watch some charmed for me. I'll be doing some heavy lifting in lieu of glutting myself upon terrible tv.

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