Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pointless Mumbling Is Our Friend.

You know, I wish I could say I’m being unproductive. But that’s just not true. I’ve completed all tasks assigned to me. It’s just that there aren’t that many tasks right now. Yeah, I have some things coming up that I could be working on, but I finally figured out, all that does is create boredom later in the month. So, I’ll keep milking every project for as long as I can and mess with every typeface and font color I can until something else comes up.

And it’s not that there isn’t work to do, it’s that once I’m done working, there is a complete standstill until someone else makes a decision. So, that’s annoying.


The class last night was pretty damned useless. It was pretty much what I expected, but I’d hoped there might be SOMETHING to be learned there. Turns out, I was wrong. Any amount of reading/research you could do would tell you more and more complete information on baby-growing. I think the main point of these classes is to socialize and commiserate with other pregnant ladies. And that would be enough, if only any of these people were potential mommy friends. But, because of the difference in location, that’s just not going to happen. It wasn’t even good blog-fodder, since all the people there were nice, young, reasonably educated, employed upstanding citizens. What fun is that? Though, I was surprised that a lot of the information we went over was NEW to these people. I mean, this was basic stuff: limit caffeine, take care of yourself, no drugs. But some people were in absolute amazement. I guess some people aren’t OCD Over-achievers like me.

Ooh, although, I will say that everyone there was having their first kid, except for one woman who had a 12 year old son. This woman was very quiet, English was not her first language and, though she spoke it beautifully, but she was clearly uncomfortable talking in front of everyone. Of course the instructor zeroed in on her, because she’d had a kid before, and was asking her questions all the time. But not just questions, joking questions that the woman clearly was having difficulty understanding. “When you were pregnant the first time, did you get a manual when the kid was born?” The poor woman would get all flustered and try to answer the question, but she wasn’t getting that it was a joke. Of course, this did not stop the instructor from CONTINUING to ask her questions every 4 minutes. It was some pretty intense secondhand embarrassment.

Why do instructors do this? Once someone clearly shows how uncomfortable a person is being put on the spot, why keep torturing them? This is not an “Overcoming Your Shyness” seminar. Sheesh. Poor woman couldn’t get out of that room fast enough when the class was over.

Oh, and I finally got to see the episode in which Shannen Doherty finally dies. It was just as awesome as I hoped, and I love the big ol’ FUCK YOU, they gave her by seamlessly integrated Rose McGowan as the third sister. It was pretty damned glorious.

Right, this Tuesday is almost off the books. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for some sleep for Coley tonight. This hot as fuck in the nighttime routine is just killing my will to live.

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