Friday, May 11, 2007

More Random Lamentilngs of a Knocked Up Broad.

Upon advice of one of my favorite internet mamas, I’ve been taking Fish Oil supplements. Supposedly good for all number of things, including making Mocha Cub sleep better once born. And I’m going to do anything in my power to try to have a kid who sleeps CONSTANTLY.

So, I picked up some Fish Oil Liquid capsules, because can you imagine how disgusting swallowing a mouthful of pure fish oil would be? I mean, I have enough trouble eating oatmeal these days, I don’t need any more challenges.

These capsules are pretty great in that they taste like nothing, there’s no awkward taste/burps later, so hurray! Until they were left in the car on a warm day for a couple of hours. The gelcaps are all still intact and not one mass of gross or anything. But I noticed this terrible odor coming from them. I was having a really hard time placing the smell, until I realized…. they smelled like…. FISH. And I was surprised by that. Because I am moderately handicapped. Or so it turns out.

I know a lot of pregnant ladies report being absentminded. But I’m not that far along. How is it possible I’ve become this ditzy? I actually drove past my normal freeway exit on the way to work yesterday. Just completely past it. I didn’t even notice it until 2 miles down the road. This could be a very problematic thing for me if this trend continues, or *gasp* worsens. Pray for me, people. Pray for me.

I’ve also become a big, whiny, weepy ball of sobbing. A freakin’ Campbell’s soup commercial came on the radio, touting their “feeding the hungry” campaign. I was immediately overcome with tears. I mentioned offhand that American Idol, a show I’ve never even seen, raised something like 90 million dollars for various charities and sobbed like somebody just shot old yeller.

Poor Xtian has no idea what to do with me, especially since I’m still a total dude, and get really embarrassed when people notice me crying. Every time I get all teary eyed, I yell at Xtian to LEAVE ME ALONE! I’M FINE! IT’S YOUR FAULT ANYWAY!

As Xtian would like to survive the next several months, he’s instituted rules: I’m not allowed to watch, read or listen to anything that mentions babies getting hurt, pregnant ladies having difficulties, anyone in a disaster riddled situation, and anything about natural disasters. But then Scrubs gets me all weepy anyway! There’s no winning. Just none.

In the meantime, someone linked to this the other day, and it was so beautiful and soul crushing at the same time, I had to pass it along. After crying about it for two hours at my desk. Read on, and send some positive vibes to this woman and her sick babies.

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