Thursday, May 3, 2007

Grumble Gus.

A notice to all people I know: Do not bother to ask me how I’m doing. The answer is: I feel crappy. I’ve felt crappy for several weeks in a row now. Yes, I know it’s juts part of the whole “Being Knocked Up” thing, but that doesn’t make it any more manageable. My eyes hurt more everyday, only resetting slightly on the weekends when I don’t look at a computer screen for a glorious 48 hours. But, then Monday rolls around and it all begins anew. I’ve taken my glasses off, which means I can’t see the words I’m typing right now, fewer than 16 inches from my face. My apologies for the fucked up typing. Maybe I’ll put my glasses back on to spell check. Probably not.

I’ve mentioned before how I don’t trust HR people as far as I can throw them (and with my back problems, that isn’t very far). Well, today I got even further proof. Last Friday, I finished all my work; double checked everything and decided to leave about half an hour early. Today, I found out that the HR Snitch ran upstairs on Friday to report my early departure. Now, here’s the thing. I’m SALARIED! Technically, as long as my work gets done, I don’t have set hours. I don’t clock in, I don’t clock out. So, that’s just annoying. On top of this, Snitch is also eavesdropping on my boss’ office, even when he’s having a closed-door meeting with another coworker. All of this has been reported to my VP, who wouldn’t give a shit, except that the Snitch keeps reporting it.

Now, I know that the Snitch must be a very unhappy person, and has no real job tasks to fill her time. So, I realize that her snitching is just in an effort to keep people from realizing that she serves no purpose. And I know we work in an office environment that really lends itself to narc tactics. But DUDE! I’m a million kinds of sick of this. This covert political warfare is getting ridiculous. No one has ever complained about my work product, my attitude, my timeliness or anything. So, why is someone getting all up in my shit about leaving 30 minutes early on a FRIDAY, when 2/3 of the cars in the lot are gone before 2 pm anyway?

I’m officially pissed off. I hope that bitch finally lets her alcoholism get the best of her and just shows up drunk. Hell, she already shows up hungover, reeking of booze, it's only a little ways to go...

As a result, the next Casual Day, I will be wearing a shirt like this:Stop Snitchin

The high point of my day? I made the best chicken salad in the entire world and am eating it right now. Damn, sounds pretty pathetic now that I’ve written it out. Oh well, I’ll take pathetic right about now.

So, yeah, if you see me, don’t ask how I’m doing, because I’ll probably actually tell you. Instead try, “Are you still crappy?” Then I’ll be able to politely say, “well, yes, I am still crappy, thanks for asking though!”

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