Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Night Bitch Fight!

So, you know how I like to jinx myself. Constantly? Like when I mentioned offhand that I’ve been feeling pretty good lately, and not very sick at all? And then today? I’ve had to make three emergency trips to the ladies’ room to loudly dry heave? And spend the rest of the day wishing to lie facedown on the cool tile of a bathroom floor?

Yeah, like that.

But it’s all ok, you know why? I just talked to my Step Grandma, and for the first time in my/her life when I asked, “How’s everything going?” Her answer was…..

“Everything is just going wonderfully!”

I had to make her repeat herself. I couldn’t believe it. Not a negative thing to say. Did someone finally start grinding Prozac into her morning coffee? Holy crap, we may just get through this wedding without any violence or psychotic episodes! Except, now that I’ve said that, I guarantee I’ll be fielding 12 panicked phone calls a day leading up to the wedding.

I was having a great day at work, I was feeling all magical after figuring out how to create an animated gif. AND THEN. The fucking DEATH VIP (not the knocked up one, who’s just vaguely annoying and viper-esque) decided it was a good day to fuck with Coley. Anything that I’ve sent to her for the last two weeks, asking her to make happen, you know, like things in her job description, she’s either ignored, or kicked back my way. And on top of it all, people keep accusing me of having fucked up. So, when I explain “where we are in the process” *cough* ratting out the sack of uselessness that is the VP *cough* it still goes nowhere. I’m so annoyed.

She’s asking me to do work that is NOT part of my job, nor in my realm of ability and access. Hello! My name is Coley. I write. I do graphical work. I can even bullshit my way through some VERY simple web editing. What I CAN NOT do, is mess with domain servers, and subdomains. No idea how I would even try. Yet clearly, the VP of fucking Information Technology, does not know how, so tries to get me to do it. She has one sweet ass gig though. I’d LOVE to be responsible for NOTHING, expected to DO NOTHING, and get paid six figures a year. How does one get this job? Oh wait, by being a terrible human being.
Maybe it’s not worth the sacrifice of personal morals and values. Let’s see….

So, thus ends my ranting and raving for the day. My mama and baby sister come into town tonight for the shower. I’m so looking forward to some girl time with my family, it will be awesome.

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