Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm In Charge.

In a turn of events mostly unforeseeable, Step Grandma was NOT the most obnoxious person at the shower! Mostly the day was fine, and the bride-to-be had a good time. And since I was game-master and therefore running the shower, I got to tell a few people who were causing awkwardness, “This isn’t all about you.” And that is always fun. Well, for me it is anyway. With less than 5 days until W-Day, I’ve taken over all wedding tasks. Bride and Groom have one job this week: demand their attendants get to the site WHEN I TELL THEM TO! Hi, my name is Coley, and I’m a little controlling. But for god sake, with all the wishy-washy people involved in this wedding, someone needs to take charge.

So, I’m already begun my drill sergeant routine, complete with listing all tactical details verbally to Xtian minimum 6 times a day. Again, he’s a lucky man that one. But seriously, anyone who has planned a wedding knows that military maneuvers take less planning. So, rather than assigning duties, I am in charge. My timelines are absolute. The tasks I assign will be complete in the way I decide in the time I allow.

In related news, someone mentioned that they thought I was a Type A personality, and I started arguing with them. Because I have never put together my need for perfection, control and productivity with the rigid Type A personality. Once again, yes, I am a college graduate. And no, I’m NOT mentally handicapped. Just mostly ridiculous.


Last weekend was Xtian and my first wedding anniversary. It was marked with a delightful meal, and a lot of alone time. Perfect.

I know that I’m often really hard on other people, and I’m even harder on myself. So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how absolutely, unbelievably fortunate I am to have in Xtian a partner who can handle everything I throw at him. Even when I’m rolling my eyes and scoffing at him for *scoff* actually sweeping the floor BEFORE he cleans the shower, he just rolls his eyes back at me. (And yes, I haven’t cleaned my house in MONTHS, because 99% of the time, Xtian takes care of it before I get home from work even though he’s been working since 5 am. That alone makes Xtian Best Husband in the Universe). Xtian takes care of me because he knows I’m too stubborn to take care of myself. And no matter how mean and nasty I can be, he continues to bring me countless glasses of much-coveted ice water, and no matter how much I make him help me with dinner, he still does the dishes without being asked.

So, yeah. I’m kind of a gushing pile of goo about the man. Which, I suppose, is as it should be. Who’d have thought that after living together for a couple of years, we’d actually still like each other. And if he can deal with me throughout the duration of this 9-month insanity, followed by newborn baby living, I think he’ll be promoted to sainthood, or at least graduate on to a better wife. Which sucks for me, but really he deserves it.

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