Monday, April 16, 2007

Only 4 more days until the weekend!

Friday at work was probably one of the most exhausting days I’ve ever had, without getting ANY work done. The reason: I was wrangling 5 teenagers all day. Aaron has been slacking off lately, regardless of my attempts to motivate him, and as a result, was so far behind on his work we had to bribe employees’ children to come in on Friday to help out.

Mostly these were nice kids who only complained hourly about WORKING, and “when are we getting paid anyway? How much are we getting paid? Are we done yet?” And I didn’t have to break up any fights, which was good. But kids are just tiresome. Especially 5 of them at once all within a year or two of age.

They were working in the lunchroom most of the day, so I had the two doors between us open so I could keep an ear out for them. One girl in particular NEVER STOPPED TALKING. The whole day, I don’t think she took a breath. About par for course on a 15-year-old, I know. But I almost lost my shit entirely when I heard this same girl whining to her mom later, “The other kids just kept TALKING! I couldn’t get them to shut up all day. I’m so tired of hearing other people’s voices.” I actually snorted from trying to hold in my laughter. Ah, teenagers. It’s always someone else’s shortcoming.

And at least I didn’t come out of the day wanting to be sterilized. And I think that makes it a rousing success.


My 21-year-old aunt (the one getting married) and her mother asked for my help in organizing the wedding planning. So on Saturday I drove with my step-grandmother in blinding rain to the wedding site. A mere 50 miles from my house. Oh, and to top it all off, as I was pulling onto the freeway, my step grandma (SG) mentioned, “I get panic attacks on freeways.” Oh, this is going to be AWESOME! Mostly she was fine and I could ignore her sobbing and whimpering, but then she begged me to slow down from the scorching speed of 45 MPH on the freeway, while other cars sped past us at 80 MPH. Of course this only served to terrify her more, so there were several tense minutes.

The wedding site is gorgeous and pretty neat. I was pleased with what I had to work with, and the visit was really successful in helping me plan better. On the way there and back I attempted to keep up some conversation with SG, mostly about the wedding. It was during this that she mentioned, “I don’t know anything about the groom’s family and I want to keep it that way.”

Oh, excellent! That’s the right attitude, absolutely. I turned to her and said, “Well you better get over that, because they are about to be YOUR family too.”

My best guess here is that SG blames the groom for my aunt getting knocked up. Yeah, because my aunt wasn’t party to the activities at all, right? She’s the innocent bystander in all this? Of course she is, and SG is perfectly sane. *ahem*

So, it’s kind of refreshing to see in-law issues from the other side and know that sometimes, MIL’s are just fucking nuts and there isn’t much you can do but ignore their crazy asses.

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