Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Loving the Trash.

Ok, no more softball ranting. I promise. Except to complain that every week after playing/practicing my right knee swells and refuses to work for minimum 5 days, and after last night, my left ankle/foot area is one swollen ass mass of bruising.

Alright, NOW no more softball ranting.

My Charmed addiction is getting a little ridiculous. I’ve now Netflixed the entire series, and was really annoyed last night when I got home that there was an actual, currently-on-the-air show to watch, because that precluded me from indulging in my Charmed lust.

Yes, I know the plots are ridiculous at best, and yes the dialogue is ANYTHING BUT sparkling, and the climactic scenes are always pretty anti-climactic. But damn, those girls are pretty, and it’s just awful enough that I Can’t Stop Watching It. I’ve never gotten into soap operas, and there are very few shows that I make a point of watching regularly (Gilmore Girls is one, Scrubs would be the other). So why this sudden unholy need to watch a series that’s been off the air for a couple years now? Who the hell knows.

I will say, having some prior knowledge of the plotlines is VASTLY boosting my enjoyment. For example, I know Shannon Dougherty is killed off in season two or three. So, every time she says something bitchy, or just annoys me I can comfort myself, knowing that in a little while, THAT BITCH GONNA GIT IT! And then I laugh gleefully. I guess, my dislike for Shannon and her obnoxiously heinous character really keeps me enthralled. Yes, it’s stupid. (And I can’t even think about Shannon Dougherty without thinking of a Family Guy Quote involving Luke Perry. Peter: “Hey Luke, did you know that if you play the Dark Side of the Moon, and Wizard of Oz at the same time, they TOTALLY match up?” Luke Perry: “Shannon Dougherty told me that once. I just thought she was being a bitch.” Kills me every time. And yes, I know that is only funny to me.)

What is it that drives us all to LOVE terrible TV shows? I know everyone has at least one guilty pleasure, and don’t even try that “I don’t watch TV.” Yes, you do. YES YOU DO! Denial isn’t helping anyone. Let’s all just come clean, admit that we love terrible TV and be happier people for it.

Ok, time for me to keep eating Poptarts and rewriting copy. Sounds like fun, no?

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