Friday, April 6, 2007

The family that freaks out together.

There is a red, angry LARGE bump on my back. Is it an enormous zit? Good lord I hope not. But it hurts when I move my arms around. Spider Bite? Perhaps. Whatever it is, it’s sure taking up a lot of my thinking this morning.

So my 21-year-old aunt (seriously, don’t ask) got herself knocked up. As a result, she and her boyfriend will be getting married shortly. As soon as I heard about it, I knew that the whole family would be treating it like a problem to be dealt with. My suspicions were confirmed when her mother called me yesterday to inquire about the costs for the space we used for the wedding last year.

The bedraggled quality of her voice and the “We’re trying to get a quickie wedding put together,” were all I needed to decide that I am about to be the dear girl’s biggest cheerleader.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that these things came about out of seeming “necessity.” And it’s also unfortunate that the pregnancy was unplanned.

But EVERYONE deserves to be fussed over when they get married. Everyone deserves to be excited about their wedding AND their first child. Even though the family will rally round and make things happen, I know they will also kill all enthusiasm and treat it like it’s an inconvenience. And THAT is the most unfortunate thing of all.

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