Thursday, March 8, 2007

If only it was Friday...

All right ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement. My back F’ing HURTS.

And one again, my boss has removed every picture of a non-white person from the piece I’m working on. He claims he “doesn’t even notice” the race or ethnicity of the people in the artwork. Really? Then why hasn’t a single picture of a blond been replaced? Yet every, and I mean EVERY, picture of a black or Hispanic person been removed? That’s called “covert racism.” You’ll notice that the word “racism” is still part of the term? Yes. That’s because EXCLUDING PEOPLE FROM YOUR ADVERTISING BASED ON RACE IS: RACIST.

Ok, moving right along.
All three kitties went to the vet this week. No real problems, just check up and immunization time. Just guess the final bill. Nope, not even close. $424. Seriously. These are INDOOR only cats. They have no health problems. They eat better than 90% of Americans. This is beyond ridiculous. I don’t think they’ll be going to the vet anymore. Ever.

If you write a blog, and were thinking you might want to give up posting, have me start reading. Seriously. Every time I start reading someone’s page, they decide to stop writing. What have I done to offend, people? What? I get bored easily, and need a few blogs on hand to lighten up my day. Is that so much to ask? Le sigh.

In other news: someone sent out an email today reminding everyone that Daylight Savings is this weekend. “At least we get an extra hour of sleep and sun earlier in the day!” Umm, I’m pretty sure you have that EXACTLY wrong. Geez, she’s got to be 55 years old, has she never dealt with Daylight Savings before? Fuck, man.

As we can all tell, I’m just a mite irritable today. I think the constant, searing pain in my back is not allowing me to absorb any happy goodness. Maybe some drugs are in order…

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