Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Softball Tuesdays are going to kill me. So far, we’ve only had practices that have ended no later than 7:15 pm. Not bad, even for a crazy bitch like me who gets up at 4 am, therefore must be in bed before 8 pm. But here’s the thing: once practice is over, I still have to drive 40 miles home.

I haven’t really been bothered by my daily commute. I keep early hours at work, so by the time I get to work, it’s only 7 am. Well early enough to avoid rush hour traffic. And on the way home, same deal.

The problem is, everyone else on the team lives within walking distance to where we play softball. So, practice is over, they’re already almost home. So, the fact that we have FOUR 9 PM GAMES!?! Doesn’t bother anyone else. They all wake up at 7 am, get to work at 8:15 with a three minute, surface street drive. Meanwhile, the game is over after 10 pm, I’m still going to have to drive for almost an hour to get home, only to turn it around and drive back a handful of hours later.

So far, I’ve just opted to not go to the gym on Wednesday mornings. But I’ve discovered something: I like going to the gym before work. I feel good all day afterward. Even with less sleep, I’m more awake, I’m in a better mood and I’m more alert. And not going to the gym on Wednesday mornings is really kicking my butt. I’m so groggy, and not with it.

Of course that could be the deathillness to which my body is currently in the process of succumbing. I’m still in denial mostly, but I refuse to be sick this week since I’m taking a long weekend for my brother’s 21st birthday. So, I will repeat my refrain: LOOK HERE BODY! YOU WILL NOT BE SICK! YOU WILL SUCK IT UP AND CONTINUE TO FUNCTION AT FULL CAPACITY, BECAUSE I SAID SO!

Thank you, and happy Wednesday to you all.

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