Monday, March 26, 2007

Goal: Alone. Results? Mixed

Well, I did get to be alone for a couple of hours this weekend. Unfortunately, those hours were spent in the garden in my ongoing battle that is “MINT: Now with even greater creeping root strength!” But, I enjoyed warring with my garden, and have actually seen some really good progress already this year. (Hurray to the earliest signs of bush-growing zucchini, green beans, and leeks! Now just get on board Herbs and peppers!)

After the garden, my alone time came to an abrupt halt. While getting ready to shower, both Xtian and Sarah stopped in to say hi. While I was naked, trying to wash the mud off my feet before shaving my legs. Not a great way to peacefully end my stolen “Alone Time.” And then Xtian got sick, so immediately I had to pay attention to him all day and be all nurturing and loving. And frankly, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of care taking for Xtian. My attention has been elsewhere between girlfriends in mourning, family member breakdowns and hand holding at work. Unfortunately all that means that my nurturing energy is gone where Xtian is involved. So, it was about time for me to actually focus on the poor bug.

Although, we declared a Saturday night Roommate Drinking and Movie night. I'm always surprised how much fun I can have splitting a bottle of Maker's Mark with Xtian and Sarah, while watching bad movies, crappy tv, and excellence on You Tube. And, even better, we were all hangover free on Sunday. Now THAT'S what I call: Awesome.

So, the weekend has come and gone, and all I have to show for it is a weed-free (for now) garden and a husband who’s probably still laying on the couch feeling needy. And I’m fighting off some horror illness. I will NOT surrender to vague body aches and tiredness with occasional lung crushing coughing. FUCK YOU BODY! I don’t have time to take care of you; I’ve got a jam-packed week and a weekend of travel. You are just going to have to tough it out!

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