Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Let the Kvetching Begin!

So, this pissed me off and I felt the need to discuss.

I was out sick for a couple days last week, and had a planned vacation day Monday, so today is my first day back in the office. My work husband, Eric, dropped in to ask how I was feeling. He then mentioned that he had to go, since he’s not supposed to be in here.

Yes, that’s right. HR has “unofficially” told him that he’s spending too much time in my office chatting. About three times a week, he’ll drop in for a five-minute chat. Clearly, this is a problem. I’m so annoyed about this, especially since our HR department consists of one person who always plays “SuperNiceConcernedPerson” role whenever I see her. She’s not. She’s just like many other HR folks, whether they intend to be or not. She’s not an advocate for employees, she’s there to protect the company at all costs, including human costs.

If Eric’s occasional chats with me are a problem, I expect to be spoken with as well. At least given a chance to defend myself without all this backdoor politicking. I hate that shit, and I always will.

Another thing I must share: My MIL is at it again, only this time, she’s fighting my mother.

After last fall’s…unpleasantness, I’ve just pretended that my mother in law didn’t exist. No communication, and so far it’s been fine. While visiting my mother this weekend, she told me that my MIL has now targeted my mom.

My mom sent MIL a Xmas card, just like she sent everyone else. MIL returned it, unopened and sent my mom an email stating that my mother was NOT to contact MIL or her family. My mom replied and wrote: I will respect your wishes, but if you change your mind, I’m here.

(That bitch! I know! (note: sarcasm)

My MIL bounced the email back and wrote: I told you NOT to contact me!

Last week, she even sent back the invitation to my wedding shower (for those playing the home version, the wedding shower occurred a year ago. Good timing!)

This, if nothing else, just smacks of crazy, classlessness. And yes, I’m here venting it all on the internet, but it’s one thing to get all fucked up Crazy Lady on me. But to treat my mother like that? This bitch has to go. And then she wonders why her husband left her, her sons want little to do with her, she does not have friends, and can not find/keep gainful employment. But, clearly, EVERYONE ELSE is the problem. She’s the only one doing right.

What a fucking bitch.


Other than all that shit, things are fine. Saw my brother for his 21st birthday, bought him a drink, then begged off early since my head was going to fall off from the hurting. I spent a delightful weekend snuggled up with my family, and got home with enough time to relax and unwind a bit. Just a wonderful weekend.

I hope all is well for y’all!

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