Tuesday, January 2, 2007

woo to the hooo

I was sitting here complaining to myself about the lack of posts around holidays. Don’t people realize I’m at work? I need something pleasant to read, damnit! And then I realized that I’m just as bad. So, hurray. I’m an ass.

So, Xmas was delightful, food, presents, alcoholics and uncomfortable family gatherings. Just as the lord intended. Or something.

I enjoy Xmas with my family and all, but I’m getting itchy about starting my own family traditions. But, Xmas with only two people sounds rather anticlimactic to me. In my youth, there were tons of kids around, and there was that crisp edge of excitement. And even as all the kids got past the Santa age, there was still a lot of chaos. I guess chaos is what makes me feel more festive. Strange? Well, yes. But with a large family, that’s what every gathering is about. So, until my house is full of my own kids, I wonder if it will ever feel right.

In other news, our household is growing again. No, no kittens or babies to announce. My dear and lovely Sarah is moving in this weekend. She’s finally getting the fuck out of Chico, and will be living with us for the better part of this year. I haven’t had a real roommate (Xtian so does not count as a roommate) since the dreaded ex-roommate screwed me 4 ways from Sunday. But, Sarah will be a much better thing for several reasons: I actually, genuinely like her. I know her less-charming qualities, and love her for them. (I think this is called “acceptance.” Who knew?) I know I can tell her when dirty dishes or piles of shoes are bothering me. And she knows she can tell me I’m just being a neurotic obsessive butt. And really, if that isn’t love, what is?
So, welcome to the Bay, Sarah! I wager that, if nothing else, this should make for some excellent blog fodder.

The 2006 Recap: Even Lamer Than You Feared

Rereading some early ’06 material helped refresh my memory. At the beginning of last year, I was preoccupied with planning the rest of my life. While not officially engaged, Xtian and I were discussing weddings ad nauseam for months.
I hated my job and my coworkers. I was so disappointed in my career progress that I was paralyzed. Unable to really move forward at all, and starting to succumb to it. Scripting excuses for why I was still working there.

Shortly after this, Xtian and I finally made it official, and got married. Much to my parents delight. At the very same time, I found a new job. After a few months on the job, we finally threw out the birth control. More on this as things do/not develop. I gained and then promptly rejected a relationship with my mother-in-law.

So, to review: 2006: Married, nice home, new job, prepping for babies. Really a freaking spectacular year overall, with some cloudiness lodged in my neuroses.

I promised it would be a terrible year in review, and I delivered. Yeah, I’m really keeping the tradition alive here.

New Years Resolutions.
I’ve never been one for resolutions at New Years. When I want to change some shit, I usually just do it. But, for the sake of….whatever here it goes:

  1. I will actually throw myself a birthday party for the first time in…well, at least 15 years.
  2. I will shut up more. But actually use my words to explain my feelings.
  3. I will initiate sex at mildly inappropriate times (e.g.: while watching the Superbowl, or on the off chance we're forced to go to church)
  4. I will not get in any bar fights.
  5. I will not buy a motorcycle.
Well, those look safe enough.
Oh, and my spell check just tried to change “Superbowl” to “superb owl.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen even a great owl, let alone a superb one. Just excellent.
Happy New Year, y'all.

PS Xtian's mother sent "annointed oil" from the Reverend Percy James Johnson (or something like that) along with his Xmas gifts. He asked me what she thought he was going to do with that, my response was simple, "Cast the bitch demon out of your evil wife."

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