Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mumble muble Xmas mumble

So, I’m mostly done with my Xmas shopping after 20 minutes online. So, whoo!
I have a trio of holiday parties/dinners this weekend, and Sarah’s coming down to play as well! This weekend is going to be awesome, and exhausting, all at the same time. And since we’re “trying” if that second line doesn’t turn pink on Friday, I’m calling it a free for all. Who knows when I’ll get another chance for such a champion weekend? Oh sure there’s the Coley Birthday Extravaganza in a couple months (ewww, 25 years old? Really, already?). But more likely than not that will be an Eat, Two Drinks and Fall Asleep Before 10:30 pm kind of Extravaganza. So, I’m making it count this weekend.
My aunt’s Xmas party turns into a tequila-fueled ping pong brawl every year and since we’re going to BART home, everyone can participate this year. Should be well worth a roll of film.

The only other thing I have for you is this clip. Just trust me, it’s fabulous in only the way Charles Schultz and Scrubs could create.

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