Friday, December 8, 2006

Certified Hoodstar

So, what is UP, headache? Making yourself comfortable? Good, good. Wouldn’t want to be a rude host. At least you won’t be disturbed by any drugs that are actually effective. Instead I’m stuck with the laughable Tylenol. I know, you scoff in the face of Tylenol and only grow stronger. And the stronger you get the more I clench my jaw, the more you grow. Fair play to you. You’ve won this round, but just wait. I’ll have last laugh. You can count on that.


Oy, I’m driving to Chico alone this tonight. Should be interesting. I’m up several hours before dawn, and am going to have to stay awake past 8 pm. I’m pretty sure I will be deliriously calling everyone I know in an effort to stay awake on the most boring drive in the world. Dark, barren fields? Check. Dark shitty suburbs? Check. Patience crippling traffic jams in the middle of nowhere? Check, check and Double Check.
But really, I oughtn’t complain, since I’m going to Chico so my dad can put new brakes in my truck. And whenever we’re getting free maintenance on our vehicles, we must be gracious. (That would be the royal “we” apparently. I need a nap.)

I’ve got very little today. Oh except for this bout of ridiculousnessReally? If I in any way resemble any of these women, I’ll eat my own sweater. Followed by my glasses, then wash it down with the foulest of all beverages: tomato juice.

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