Friday, November 3, 2006


Alright, there’s no more denying it. My eyes have gotten even worse. Reading a book makes my head hurt. Looking at a computer screen makes my head hurt. I can no longer see the words of the On-Screen guide for my TV. And squinting while reading glasses, really? From an arm length away, I can’t even see that there are letters on my keyboard. This can’t be good, right? But at least that’s a reason for the never-ending headaches. And why they’ve gotten so much more pronounced toward the end of the week, and toward the end of the day. But, really, my job is to stare at a computer screen for at least 8 hours a day. And I know, I take “eye-breaks” every 20 minutes or so, just stare at the blank wall, and it doesn’t help.

When will this end? How long before my eyes just stop working? When the optometrist expresses disbelief at the strength of your prescription, that’s weird. I already have the most compacted lenses, and their still thicker than my uber-thick frames.

This sucks. No one else in my family has these eye-problems. Sure, both my sisters have “reading” glasses, but they can legally drive without corrective lenses.

Deal lord, I hope my children don’t get my genetics on this one. Or my skin, or my body type, or my bitchiness, or my hirsuteness. Damn, do I really want to pass anything genetically on to my children? Hmm. Good question.

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