Thursday, November 2, 2006

Moping is fun. You try it.

It’s official. I’m so obnoxiously sensitive to weather changes; I kind of want to roll my eyes at myself. In the same way I roll my eyes at people who are annoyingly sensitive to temperature (“It’s so hot, I’m feeling ill” at 85 degrees, and “brr, I’m freezing cold!” at 68 degrees).
I know I tend to feel down during the winter, hell, we all do. But today is just too ridiculous. Overnight the clouds blew in, and I feel so unexplainably melancholy. And, of course all the music I hear today is the sad sap that just forces you to WALLOW in your funk. Nothing has changed from yesterday to today, except the weather. Clouds and rain.

Is this why I was always so unhappy in Milwaukee? Am I just so moronically susceptible to weather? (Milwaukee is only comfortable about 2 weeks a year. The other 50 weeks are either snowing/blistering cold or hot, humid and cloudy. Just the worst weather ever). Or was my unhappiness due to my life sucking in Milwaukee, poor choices in friends, lovers and jobs? Oh fuck it, I’m done.

Yeah, my apologies for the loopy rantings yesterday. Clearly, prescription meds and writing should never be combined. And yet, here I am, doing it again. Or maybe it’s the fact that people with injured backs are not able to *ahem* partake in activities they generally enjoy. If you catch my drift? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

Whatever. Let’s move along.

I’m in a creativity slump at work. It has a lot to do with having just finished a project in which my creative input was null, and starting a new project with even less room for any creativity. It’s hard to muster any enthusiasm for shit like this.

Oh, and all the talk on left radio this morning (as reported by my husband, who adorably calls to relay what people on the radio are saying. Cute, but odd, right?) is all about the draft. And the possibility of reinstating it. So, if I and every male related to me is suddenly nowhere to be found, you’ll know what’s up.
I tend to leave politics out of this thing, but allow me to say this: there is no way to “win in Iraq.” The reason for this, is the same as it was for Vietnam: We have no demonstrable goal. So, if we have no demonstrable goal, how will we know when we’re done? It’s impossible to win without a clear definition of what “winning” means. In WWII, it was simple, defeat the Axis powers, and stop the routine genocide. (Overly simplified, yes, but fuck it.) We’re not fighting a real enemy in Iraq. “Terrorists?” That’s the best we can come up with? Ok, who are they, where are they, what’s the difference between a terrorist and an Iraq citizen who is tired of living in a war zone? Fuck it.
I’m about done on that stretch.

Ok, I’m going to go mope around until I can ostensibly go home.

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