Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A list of things I am congratulating myself on:
  • Having two (2!) bags of chocolate candies at home, and not devouring them within a day
  • Running on 10 out of the last 11 days
  • Not buying $100 worth of books just because I finished all my unread books
  • Explaining, successfully, to Xtian why I'm just not comfortable with fart jokes (turns out, I'm uptight)
  • Not having inhaled the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos from my desk drawer
  • Finally getting in touch with my landlord to confirm the new roommate (Hurray!)

A list of things I still rather suck at:

  • Putting said Doritos out of my mind
  • Not wishing I had a few of those chocolate candies right now
  • Getting on the ball with Xmas shopping
  • Dressing myself in a flattering and somewhat stylish fashion (Mm, gray pants and black shirt... again.)
  • Not thinking about the impossibly high number on the scale this morning.

Overall, I'm giving myself a B- for the day.


PS, Is there anything better than a coworker calling you via intercom, and immediately COUGHING into the phone? I didn't think so.

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