Friday, October 13, 2006

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

I’m supposed to be writing some things for work. But I’m lacking anything good, so I thought I’d vomit all my non-creativity onto the internet before I start.
I converted this here blog to the Beta version. Which I can't really see any features I'd find useful, but you know the big drawback? Now I can't even comment on NON-Beta blogs. So, I'm more than a little bitter. Everyone else should now convert their blogs forthwith in order to accommodate ME. I'm awesome, didn't I mention?


Two great things I’ve heard in the last 24 hours:
“You’re a bitch, but I love you anyway.” And no, Xtian did not say that to me. That little gem right there (which pretty much describes how most of my friends feel about me) is courtesy of Bowling for Soup in their spectacularly titled song “The Bitch Song.”

The Second great thing came straight from the mouth of my beautiful Sarah.
“Remember, half the population is below average.” Just kind of reminds me that at least half the people in the world are probably too stupid for me to feel like talking to. (Wow, that was bitchy. May I refer you to Great things I’ve Heard in the Past 24 Hours, Thing the First?)


So, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat all day. I’ve been having the feeling that something bad is going to happen. It all started when I got up to run this morning. It was just after 5 am when I got outside. It felt weird. Ominous. I live in a semi-sketchy neighborhood, and my run takes me through some places I’m sure have been featured as crime scenes on TV shows. I run this way at least 4 days a week, but today I felt terrified the entire time. I was just sure something was off. It was too dark, too quiet, too windy too….everything

Then as I was running through an intersection, a car was turning left just past me. The driver’s side window was the closest to me, and I swear this guy leaned out the window and said “Coley, I’ll see you soon.” Except I didn’t recognize the car and didn’t see the guy. Then he drove past me about 3 minutes later, heading toward my destination. In that moment, I made peace with my life, because I was sure this is how I died.

Now, it’s possible I miss-heard the guy, and it’s all just some weird thing concocted in my imagination. And nothing came of it…yet. But even so, the whole day feels weird. So, if you all don’t hear from me again, it’s probably just that Creepy McCreeperson finally got ahold of me, and is in the process of torturing me until I either die, or he becomes bored.

So, now that my weekend is all planned out, I feel pretty resigned to my fate. Or something…


Now that my cell phone is officially a glorified clock (at the low, low price of $80 a month. SUCH A DEAL!!) I feel like I’m not talking to any of my friends anymore. I usually use my 40-minute commute to call the people on my list. However, now that would take a lung capacity I simply do not have. It’s getting way too easy to revert to my hermit-like tendencies.
And this weekend will continue with my hermitness. If possible, I plan to not speak with anyone who isn’t Xtian, my cats, or my TV? (come on, can I really watch football without screaming at the TV? The answer to that is no. Absolutely not.) Could get difficult when I go shopping, or when Xtian and I go out to dinner, but whatever. I’m willing to make that sacrifice.


And for a final Friday Morning Note: My headache is back with a vengeance. I swear, if this one lasts longer than a few hours, I’m going to go looking for Mr. Creepy McCreeperson and see if we can get a jump on the sadistic murder. At least then there’d be an end in sight. And to make it all worse, I share living space with a man who DOESN’T GET HEADACHES EVER. How is this possible? I didn’t realize that some people just don’t get them. The injustice, the sheer lack of equity and fairness.

Right. I’m out to transfer pre-existing documents to a new template design. Sounds riveting, no?

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