Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blurbs, because I suck.

Yesterday morning, I noticed my cell phone wasn’t working properly. Anytime I tried to make a call, I got a “Service Unavailable” message. I was locked in a training room all day yesterday, so didn’t think much about it.
Yesterday evening, I tried to make another call, and had the same result. So, I called my cell company, and was informed that they were having service issues in my area (no, I don’t mean my AREA, perv). They had no explanation as to why Xtian’s phone (which resides in the same house, is on the same account etc) is not having any problems. And, when the delightfully helpful customer service guy looked into matter further, he found this little nugget of happiness:

Estimated date for fixing problem: October 31.

Yeah, so 20 days sans cell phone is not really a big deal. I mean, I went for more than 24 years without one, right? Yeah, except I spent half of my afternoon driving around suburban HELL looking for a non-existent street sign, with no way to call anyone for help. So, either my phone better get fixed, or Mapquest better step it up. Either way.

And, in another story where half the people (yes all 2 of you) will be screaming “TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!” at the end, I present to you: How to Kill the Mood with One Sentence!

Last night the husband and I were getting around to the “doing it,” if you will. Before any actual “doing it” had happened, but after “launch sequence” had been initiated, a random thought occurred to me. Being the mostly-ridiculous person that I am, I blurted that thought out. What thought could dampen the mood for a couple of twenty-something newlyweds?

“What did you mother want when she called earlier?”

Nice job Coley. We tried to pretend I hadn’t said anything, but man, did that sentence hang over us for the duration.


And just like that, I’m out of here.

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