Monday, October 30, 2006

Mmm, prescription meds...

So, rather than drinking my weekend away, as I’d planned, I spent it horizontal. And not in a good way.
While on my run Saturday morning, I took a step, and felt the entire left side of my back…give. That’s right I threw my back out. I’m officially 90 years old.

So, I shuffled back home, attempted to do laundry and shower with mixed results. So, I decided that spending the day on the couch was my best chance at survival. Spending a day on the couch sounds like heaven. But not being physically ABLE to leave the couch just makes me crazy. Clearly, I need to get over it and should be spending my day working. Because laundry gets done on Saturday, for no reason other than, that’s how I like it. (Yes, OCD I am.)
It kept getting worse until Sunday morning, when I finally managed to see a doctor (substory: someone at my union office is shirking their job, because when I got the doctor, I was informed that no insurance was showing up for me. Umm, coverage was supposed to have started on September 1, so huh?).
A bottle of painkillers and a bottle of muscle relaxants later, I’m almost able to fully function.

Freaking Awesome.

More drama arose in the MIL situation, of course. There’s been a lot more than I’ve let on here, but suffice to say, I tried to make some efforts to get past this, establish some rules for conduct and heal this relationship. I was sincere in my efforts, but it bit me in the ass again.
This time a letter was sent to my PARENTS as well as Xtian, talking trash about me and full of lies and misrepresentations. Or so I hear. Since I blocked all her email addresses, I didn’t get the letter. Instead, my father called my husband to let him know about the letter, and to not let me read it. Seeing his reactions after Xtian read it, I was fully convinced that I didn’t need to read it.

My question here is: What does she think a letter to my parents will accomplish? Will they take her side? Umm, yeah, talk shit about a person’s kid; see how far that gets you. My guess: not very far. Did she think my parents have some power to punish me? Not since I moved out, 6 years ago.

But, I’ve come to a decision. This woman is pure poison, and I am not even going to pretend to have a relationship with her. Xtian is her son, and he may choose to maintain a relationship with her, if he likes. I, on the other hand, have decided to not talk to her, or receive communications from her. I don’t want her calling my work, my cell, or my home phone. I’m out. I’m trying to use reason and logic with a person who is incapable of reasonable thought. I’m thoroughly convinced that this woman will never be mentally sound enough to deal with the human population. And until that changes, I’m not going to be drawn into her insanity.

To quote my beautiful Sarah, I have to do what’s best for me and for my family. Luckily, I have a wonderful mama and dad, who are doing the best they can to keep us all happy, and protected.
Poor Xtian is mortified at having his mother’s nastiness made apparent to my family, whom he loves and is still trying to impress. But, this entire experience has made it clear to me that Xtian’s tolerance for insanity has no bounds. Which I guess is good for me. I know now that no matter how crazy I end up, he can handle it. Heheehe.*sigh*

Right, I’m going to take some more drugs and get my ass to work. Thanks for all the love in the comments. Makes me feel a little better about a crappy situation.

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