Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is any birthday complete without Coley Nudity?

So, the weekend "Sarah's Birthday Extravaganza" went well. I designed some ridiculous t-shirts for the event. Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive until two days after the party. Because, apparently, UPS believes that when you send something “OVERNIGHT” at 11:46 am on Friday, clearly, the definition of overnight is Monday afternoon. Awesome UPS. Just Awesome. For those curious, click here to see the design.
But anyhow, some quick highlights:

  1. Realizing I still RULE at the beer flipcup game.
  2. Getting a NOISE complaint at 9:30 pm on a Saturday. From a 3 watt stereo. Chico used to be a party town; I guess that’s over.
  3. My 17-year-old sister driving a Mormon Assault Vehicle (MAV) so as to cart around 20+ drunken adults. And then me slipping her $20 to not tell mom anything she saw or heard. I’m a spectacular older sister, it turns out.
  4. Running into Xtian’s friends and former roommates, and only ONE of them willingly spoke to me all night. Because I am the devil, or something.
  5. Waking up naked in a strange bed with Xtian laying naked on the other side, and a pair of legs between us.
  6. Being so hung over in the morning, I walked NAKED to the bathroom, and didn’t even really notice that other people were around. Nice. Someone whose last name I don’t know has now seen me naked.
  7. Spending all day Sunday doing a bad job of pretending I’m not hung over. My mother must be so proud.

In other news, ever since Xtian and I have decided to start trying, I’ve been almost totally without body issues. I haven’t really felt badly about my gut, or felt guilty about eating some junk food. Not like I’m letting it all go to hell. I still run most mornings, and eat really healthfully, but I didn’t kick my own ass for fulfilling my fried chicken desires. And that, my friends, is progress. It also doesn’t hurt that I haven’t stepped on the scale since Xtian spilled hot wax all over it, about three weeks ago. And, while trying we have an excellent excuse for going to bed at 8 pm, and going to sleep after 10. *Ahem*

Today marks 4 months of being married. Which means, we’ve officially beat 95% of celebrity marriages. Take that US Weekly!
It still feels really surreal. I’ve gotten used to having a “husband” and only feel weird introducing him to people as “This is my husband, Xtian” around people my own age. My family still loves him more than me (the new family joke is that my dad introduces us thusly “This is my son-in-law, Xtian. And his wife, Coley”) and that’s a good thing. He’s feeling more comfortable around even my extended family and I’ve learned how to avoid his mom, most of the time. (She’s not a bad person, just drives me a little batty). But I have a hard time thinking of myself as “married.” I don’t know why, it’s just a re-categorization issue, but it’s weird. I guess the weirdest part is that, not much is different. Sure, it costs less to be insured, and now we pay less in taxes. But really, I don’t really notice many differences.

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