Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend plus annoyance

So, apparently I’m too old to drink anymore. Two Sundays in a row were spent with me whining, wishing I could vomit, and doing anything in my power to cure a headache that made opening my mouth far too painful. So, I either shouldn’t drink anymore, or I should finally get smart and actually, you know, drink WATER at some point before I go to bed. One day I will remember to do that.

Jen co hosted a little gathering with me on Saturday night. Really a quite fabulous time was had by all. It was a really varied group of people, but it seemed like people meshed rather well. The next morning, Xtian, with his absolutely infuriating ability to NEVER have a hangover, made us waffles. From scratch, no less. If you have the chance, definitely marry someone who used to work the breakfast shift in a diner. Seriously, the breakfasts this kid can make are well worth his penchant for stacking a dish drainer that self destructs if I look at it.
Sarah came down for the party, and while I’m bummed I didn’t get to actually spend much time with her, I’m so pleased she made it. Poor girl accompanied me while I picked the kitties up from the boarder. (We have escape artist cats and didn’t feel like being the Door Police all night, so we swallowed the $70 and sent them to a kitty hotel.) Gotta love having to ask the vet for a bathroom key so you can go vomit in a more socially acceptable location than, say, the street corner. Luckily Sarah was there to keep me from ripping all my hair out. Why does it take over an hour just to pick my cats up? Oh yeah, I have to sit and wait for at least 30 minutes before they even call me to ask what I"m there for. Nice.

While we all lounged on Sunday recovering from deadly hangovers, Sarah was correcting some tests (she’s currently doing her student teaching at my old high school. A brave soul, that one). In order to feel useful, I offered to help. The feeling of faux-authority was so ridiculous, I had to laugh out loud at myself. "I can make you fail this test, kid. Don't think I won't do it either!"
And then I read the answers these kids came up with and I had to laugh out loud again. These students were in the middle of high school, and couldn’t describe the Magna Carta better than “The magna carta was a thing that people wanted and so they did some stuff…..Rights….power limit…government.” That is a direct quote. I’m horrified. The youth today is too stupid to be allowed to live.

In other news, a couple of Xtian’s friends might come to Oakland next weekend. (Because a weekend isn’t complete without at least one smelly male sleeping on my floor). I’m a little irked, to be honest. One of them is a fine person who, while awkward, is at least nice to me. The other friend whom I will call Sean (because that is his name) is a little trickier. Sean and I were friends for years. After Xtian and I got together, Sean stopped speaking to me in any circumstance. And better yet, brought his bitch-ass girlfriend to my wedding, knowing full well that she hated me. Nice touch Sean. Classy.
Since Xtian moved in with me, over a year ago, his friends have been REALLY awkward with me. It’s like when I was just “one of the guys” they were all pretty cool with me. As soon as they became aware that I’m not just a dude with tits, they all freaked out and make it a point of ignoring me, or harassing me in hurtful ways anytime we’re in a social setting. And it’s not fair to Xtian. They are his friends, and he loves them. And while they are really hurting him a lot with their non-efforts, they are Xtian’s closest friends. But I’m so wary of them all; anytime Xtian mentions “the guys” I visibly stiffen and get defensive. And I hate that Xtian has to choose whether he spends time with me OR his friends; never can there be a “both.” So you can see why I’m a little concerned about some of them visiting.
Of course, these are the flakiest humans alive, so they probably won’t show up anyhow. Which will make me angry that they let Xtian down AGAIN!

I hate stupid males. Not all males, mind you. Just the stupid ones.

Ok, I’m done ranting for the moment. Happy Monday y’all.

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