Monday, July 3, 2006

Wrong Day

I'm at work today. Not good. Why do we even bother coming into the office on a Monday before a Tuesday Holiday? I just don't know. At least half the company took today off. There are only two people in my suite today. And one of them is me. Never a good sign for morale.
Added to the loneliness, All my graphic/design software died over the weekend. My company was too cheap to buy new software so tried to reuse my bosses license. I was treated to a 30-day trial. I've been warning people around here for weeks that all the software I use DO MY JOB would be revoked as of the first. I was told it was well under control. (Although to show the hilarity of my workplace, my department Vice President isn't able to authorize $1000 in purchases. Freakin' awesome). So, when I came in this morning, lo and behold, I can't do any actual work. So, I've spend most of the day pretending to look busy. Yeah, it's been one exciting day. I'm desperately trying to make the last hour of it GO! To no avail.

I love my friends, and I'm glad they visit, but I'm feeling a little pooped. I think we've had too many weekends in a row of taking trips or hosting. I'm ready for a break. This weekend will be glorious. I'll actually get to see my husband, without anyone else being there! I know, it's not like we never see each other, but lately there've been so many people around making me feel guilty about spending time with him ("but you get to see him all the time, and I never get to see you!" Yeah, except that with everyone and their mom in town, I haven't spent an uninterrupted evening with him in WEEKS.) that I'm starting to get more than a little pissy. To compound the situation, I now work much farther from home and I work longer hours. So, instead of getting home at 4, having some time to chat before making dinner, doing chores/running errands and collapsing into sleep, I now get home after 6, immediately have to get to dinner making, get NO chores or errands done and get to bed later than ever making me REALLY pleasant the next morning. It's vicious cycle. We're still whirling from wedding events etc. For the last 4 months, we've had some plan or another every single weekend. And frankly, I'm done being social. I need a week to lay on my couch, eat garbage food and not communicate any more than needed to order a pizza. Sounds like heaven, no?


On a side note, I shall make one more official proclamation: Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. However, you are no longer entitled to SHARE any opinion having to do with my reproductive choices. Remember, it's "UTERUS" not "UTERYOU". So, even if you mean well, thanks, but no thanks.

Whew, I feel better having announced that.

And on that spectacular note: Happy 3rd of July.

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