Friday, June 30, 2006

Truck and such

So, I just got two unexpected days off in the middle of the week. And since I've only been at my job for a month, I don't have any usable vacation time, so not only were they unexpected days off, they were also UNPAID days off. Freakin' awesome.
Why, you may ask did I lose two days this week? Oh, that's simple, I felt an inordinate need to part with $500. And what better way to part with half more than a third of your paycheck than by handing it to a nice mechanic who will make your car work right again? Really, I shouldn't complain aside from gas and the occasional oil change, it's the only repair money I've ever had to spend on my truck, and I've owned it for almost 4 years. So, overall, I'm ahead of the game.

Last weekend my girl Sarah was in town. Our big plan was to drink and hit up SF Pride. I am proud to report, all weekend goals were met. And by that I mean more than a case of beer and 2 liters of rum were consumed over a two day period by three people. Championship work, if I do say so myself.
High light of the weekend: Sarah, Xtian and I walking around Pride, a woman at a booth yells at us "Hey, you guys want kids?" Sarah and I stop, and look at her, she throws us a button that says "Got SP*RM?" and yells "Here, start an awkward conversation with your girlfriend." Priceless.

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