Monday, July 10, 2006

We Suck in the Best way.

Went to see a band (Space Vacuum from Outer Space, for the record) last night at the Gilman. Jen met us there, and found that the show had been a little delayed a bit. Lucky for us, the Gilman is across the street from Pyramid brewery. In a move that defied logic, we decided to order "The Sampler," regardless of the 20 minutes we had before the show began. MMmmm, 5 samples of beer, 6 oz each. Did I mention that I don't really care for beer? So Jen and I found one of the 5 samples we liked, and made Xtian drink the rest, in addition to his pint. Poor kid. (One day when he's an alcoholic, he'll look back and realize that I'm a total enabler and he never had a chance). After some serious pounding, we headed out to the show.

Jen and I stuck out like two soccer moms at a 50 Cent concert. It was an all ages show, and the sound wasn't the best, but the band is fabulous and always puts on a good show. We were having fun on a few levels. Good music, good show, cute kids dancing around and looking slightly confused, and EXCELLENT people watching. 16 year old Wannabe-Crusy-Punks. I had forgotten about all the kids who spend hours making it look like they found their clothing in the dumpster. (For the record, I love thrift stores too, but my purpose in shopping the thrifts is to find good clothes and not drop $400. These kids, however, shop thrifts so that everything they wear screams "SHE BOUGHT ME AT A THRIFT STORE!") . I'm glad that no matter what the situation, Jen and I can find some fabulous comedy.

Xtian had fun playing a game he calls "Black Waldo." In this game, you try to find the black guy in a room full of white folk. He hasn't been able to play this game in a while, since we've been sticking close to Oakland, but this was Berkeley, and so the game was in full force. We thought we had another one, but turns out he was Latino. Xtian wins again.

More later. Time to head home.

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