Friday, July 14, 2006


This story is submitted for your hilarity at my expense. Happy Friday.

Yesterday evening, Xtian was craving a Slurpee. He's been feeling a little neglected lately (extended work hours plus social engagements, plus a lot of out of town guests etc), so I agreed to ride with him. He only had change on him, and I had a couple of bucks. As we pulled up to the 7-11, I pondered whether or not to get a little something for myself, most likely of the "ice cream" variety. I firmly decided that I wouldn't, and would rather just go home and make a rockin' dinner. So, I very deliberately put my keys in my purse, tucked my purse under my car seat, locked and shut the door. I took one step and thought "Oh f-ing hell, I just locked my keys in the car." Of course, Xtian, being the responsible young man that he is, also brought keys, and left them in the cup holder before carefully locking and shutting his door.


Amazing. We are fully ridiculous. "Aha," I think to myself, "I have AAA! No problem. Oh wait, what's their number? Oh crap, my phone is also in my purse, locked safely inside. Oy." So, with $1.67 in loose change, we sought out a solution. We walked into 7-11 (a so-called "convenience" store) where we asked to use their phone, explaining the situation as we went.

"We're not authorized to authorize you to use the phone." Sweet. Nice job 7-11. And, since cell phones are so prevalent, no pay phone in sight. I hate technology. A woman nicely handed me her cell to use, but I didn't know the number for AAA, and I wasn't about to use her -phone to call information THEN AAA. That's just abusing her kindness. So, we started walking, looking for a payphone, shouting the F word the entire way. (Yeah, I know, I deal with stress well. Or something).

Xtian, being the intelligent, pragmatic man the he is, spots a tire shop, and suggests they might at least have the number for AAA. The man behind the counter (Ignacio?) immediately found some yellow pages, but with both of us looking, couldn't find the number. I'm still pouring over the pages when he walks away, finds another customer, who HAS AAA and within moments a truck is issued. And might show up anytime in the next hour and half. Spectacular.

With nothing left to do, we bought a Slurpee with nickels and pennies (I know, classy, eh?) sat on my tailgate, and loitered. Fortunately, we only had to wait about 20 minutes before our repair man pulled up and in a matter of a few minutes, got the car open, had taken down my AAA number and was gone.

This wouldn't have been so ridiculous, except for this: Not 30 minutes before I locked my keys in my car, Xtian was telling me about his day, wherein, he managed to lock his keys in the company truck TWICE. (Lucky for him, he left a window down, so with a little maneuvering was able to get it open). And I, like a moron, was teasing him saying, "geez, I've NEVER locked my keys in a car. How dumb do you have to be?" Turns out, I'm as dumb as you have to be to lock your keys in your car.

I suck.

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