Thursday, July 27, 2006

Not even worth it.

Long time, no write. I'm not good at this, it turns out.
My brother unexpectedly came into town this weekend. And, despite ridiculous temperatures (113? Really? Is that totally necessary?) at my company picnic, a delightful time was had by all. Watched hours of Eddie Izzard, which I can't recommend enough. Also good was spending a few uninterrupted days with my brother, affectionately referred to as Bubba. But only by me. When my brother was a teenager, he had a LOT of problems. He ended up at the alternative education school, spent time in a "turn your life around" survival program (you know, the ones where they drop a bunch of F* up kids in the desert and make them fend for themselves for a couple of months), and just couldn't pull himself together. He finished his high school credits early thanks to his alternative school, but my parents weren't having any luck with him. On the verge of just kicking him out, they finally listened to my thoughts, put him on a plane, and sent him to live with me.
After I took over guardianship of my brother, he settled down a bit. The change of scenery, the lack of Mormonism, and some distance from my parents (whom he had demonized during his troubles) seemed to do the trick, for a while. But, anyhow, to make a long story longer, my brother and I have a special kind of relationship. When he's got his anger under control, he's probably one of my favorite people. We didn't have much of anything planned for his visit, so we spent a lot of time hanging out, chatting about his life and what's going on. He and Xtian get along well, and my brother is THRILLED to have another male in the family, so they got some good hang out time too. It's pretty neat to watch siblings grow up. Neat little humans I'm related to.


Also over the weekend, I was cat/snake sitting for my friend Jen. It was approximately 2000 degrees in the Bay last weekend, so I was understandably concerned about the animals. I've watched the kitties before, they know the drill, so no biggie there. However, Jen recently brought her snake (Gypsy) back to her place and my first time meeting Gypsy was while Jen was out of town. I like snakes, I think they're neat, but having not spent much time with them, I'm not TOTALLY comfortable with them still. So, I didn't want to open up her case, but I had to make sure she was ok in the heat. Yeah, I was totally "that guy" tapping on the glass loudly saying "Gypsy! Gypsy honey!! How are you today Miss Gypsy?" until she moved around a little and I could be relieved that she was indeed still alive and slithery. I'm sure she was THRILLED with the crazy broad banging on her house yelling loudly. I'm awesome.

Right, that's all I've got patience for today.

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