Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Analogies and Such

Brief Snippets:

E40, a prominent Bay Area rapper, has a song out right now, wherein the beat consists of a mechanized voice chanting:
We be to rap what key be to lock.

I think this is tremendous. It's about time a rapper has taken notice that one of the areas in which non-white and non-male students fumble on the SATs are the analogies. Way to bridge the gap, E40. Hats off to you.


I'm very fortunate. Xtian, it seems, is blessed (or cursed) with selective vision. What does this mean? Well, he only sees what he wants to. The implications of this are pretty impressive. He is incapable of seeing my gut, my cellulite, my water-retaining girth, any skin nastiness (from the occasional face-distorting zit, to the ickiest of rashes). Which means, no matter how foul I look on any particular day (tired, bloodshot eyes, bloated, pink eye, skin the color of dryer lint etc) he's salivating and thinking "Mmmmm, I'm going to get some of THAT!" Like I said, I'm very fortunate. Let's hope this defect/blessing lasts and only get stronger over the years.


This week is an official wash. After two days where my patience was tried beyond measure, and one day where I didn't ever get it together, I'm ready to be done. I've been attempting to stop my nasty mood from destroying the whole day, but really, I just don't care any more this week. I'm not getting anything done well, and am snapping at everyone. And yet, people keep asking me questions. You'd think they'd learn.


As I was turning onto my street yesterday evening, I witnessed a nasty car accident. I immediately parked, and ran over to the scene. There were several people there milling about, and no one seemed to know what to do. One of the cars had taken off, and the woman who stayed was bleeding from a big gash in her lip. She was walking around freaking out, and someone yelled that the payphone wasn't working. So, in order to actually help, I whipped out my cell phone and called 911. Where I was put on hold for more than 15 minutes. Amazing. No wonder people are dying and crime is so high in our areas. Everyone knows that the crime won't even be reported for 20 minutes.

While waiting for the police to mosey on over, some of the witnesses were chatting. Turns out a little boy was hit the day before, at the same intersection, and lost his leg. It was reported then that the payphone on that corner wasn't working. Several months ago, Xtian was walking home, and saw a CAR ON FIRE, and the phone didn't work then. I realize that in this day and age, many people have cell phones. But you know what, I'm one of maybe 10 people in my neighborhood with one, how are people supposed to report emergencies???

Oh wait, that's right, I live in a predominantly African American, poor neighborhood. No one gives a s* if we are hurt or dying. Awesome. I heart Oakland, at times like this. (note: sarcasm)

Thus ends our brief snippets for the day.

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