Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Absolute Garbage.

I’m finding it difficult to write these days. Since I can’t just wander about the Internet as I used to, and am instead typing entries in a word doc and emailing them in, I’m stifled. Something about staring at a blank page that just drains my thoughts. I used to have the same issue writing papers. I can easily throw down 12 pages on NOTHING, but it takes me hours to get the first sentence down. Turns out, I’m a little ridiculous.

Sunday marked one full year of cohabiting with Xtian. The boy is too cute for words. Flowers were brought home last week for the occasion. And how did we celebrate the day? Why by cooking dinner for 10 of my relatives, obviously. Hmm, romantic family dinner. Oh, wait. Not so much. But it was good anyway. All the boy cousins, of whom there are frighteningly few, are in love with Xtian, so I rarely see him when the extended family is around. Luckily, as crazed as my family is, we always have a good time. At least I do, and that’s what really matters.

But anyway, back to the point. In a year of living with me, Xtian didn’t kill me! Which is saying something. I’m….oh what is the word….boisterous? No, not quite….high-energy? No, still not quite right…….OBNOXIOUS, that’s it! I am oft cranky and whiny, have been known to be overly-critical of myself and others, and to have standards no one can live up to. So, did I lower my expectations to a more realistic level? No. In fact, I think Xitan absorbed some of my OCD fanaticism. Poor, poor man. The crazy thing is he still likes me. I know, I was surprised too.

That’s all I have today. I know, I told you already, I suck.

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