Friday, April 21, 2006

New life philosophies.

Jen and I saw Isabel Allende speak yesterday. *sigh* I'm not going to lie, she's the most impressive woman I've seen in a LONG time. When discussing the death of her daughter, and dealing with the "why me?" of the whole thing came about the greatest quote and my new personal mantra. "The universe does not give a shit about you." Basically, here it is: the universe is not conspiring against you.
If you ever have the opportunity to see the woman speak, do it. Don't ask questions, just go.

While waiting for the doors to open, Jen and I decided we'd grab some food, then go sit in line (the event was free, but first come first served). The line was wrapping around a large planter box, and everyone in line was rather spaced out. Jen and I sat about 5 feet away from the people in front of us so as to avoid the overreaching tree branches. Just as we're tucking into our food, a group of older women (probably 60 years old) approached the line, asked if this was the Allende line. We nodded and smiled, our conversation having been interrupted. We turned back to eachother and our food, only to have the woman bark at us "Why are you sitting here! If the line is up there, why are you so far back?" We explained that the tree branches were overtaking the box, not allowing us space to eat and sit. She demanded we scooch down, and kept LOUDLY saying, "See, now we can all sit down, isn't that better?"
Well, no it wasn't. The tree branches were all up in our grills. So I muttered loudly enough for her to here "you know, I'm going to show up after others, then demand they move so I can be more comfortable." Because I'm a passive aggressive snot sometimes.
This woman rubbed me the wrong way. Her request was not unreasonable. In fact, had she said nothing, I would have moved down anyway within moments. What was unreasonable was her approach. Do not bark at people. Do not scold and chastise people. Do not interrupt people, and DO say please and thank you. A slightly different tone, and she would have been fine. "Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but would you mind moving down a little? thank you." Doesn't that sound better?
Ok, I'm off the complaint now.

Before the interview started, Jen and I had about 30 minutes to just hang out in our good seats. So we played a game I can't recommend enough. I will explain: look around you, based on the event you are at, a person's manner of dress and behavior, guess what they do for a living. I don't mean "banker." I mean "Professor of literature, specializing in medieval books of hours." It's tooooooooo hilarious. At least we had fun with it. Jen had me rolling, she's good.

Right off to a wedding shower in Chico.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
And don't forget: The universe does not give a shit about you.

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