Friday, April 7, 2006

More work-related bitching

I'm into minor annoyances. They're funny. Sure, I could write about how grateful I am for all the wonderful things in life, but if you wanted to read some "Chicken Soup for the _______'s Soul", you would. I could write about all the obscene political happenings, but that's what SadlyNo is for. So, I'll stick to minor annoyances. They're my favorite kinds.

I came in to work this morning only to find emails from most of my coworkers who were either out sick, or "working from home" (read: sending an occassional email but mostly watching bad daytime tv). Awesome. There are few things better than having all your annoying coworkers magically disappear. I didn't worry about the dreaded CB, as she never shows up anyhow. Of course, I would be wrong.
I was happily rocking out to my music, doing some standard websurfing, and I feel her presence. I look at the clock, it can't be her, it's only 9:55, she's NEVER here this early. But it is her. And she had to do the totally annoying "I know you can see me, and you sit in a fabric cube, but I'll knock on the plastic corner, as though you had a door" thing. I hate it. It bothers me. With one look at her tapered leg pants, bad 70's hair, and rotting front tooth, my peaceful day evaporated. So, 20 minutes later she finally got done saying NOTHING and left.
Since then, she has been talking on the phone to a non-stop parade of family members and friends. No work has been accomplished. None. But her nasal, awful, grating voice is echoing off the walls. The hideous cackle of a laugh even pierces through my ridiculously loud music. GAH!!!
It'll never end. This bitch will never die. Or quit. Or become horribly disfigured in a way that keeps her from leaving that stinking nest she calls a home.

And some asshole keeps walking up to the cube accross from mine, looking into it's emptiness, sighing loudly, and walking away. This has happened more than 4 times in the last 15 minutes. I'm now keeping track.

It's only 2:13, and I'm done with all necessary work for the day. Can I go home now? I've lost all motivation. I just want to curl up on my couch with my kitties and watch Dharma and Greg reruns. I've officially reached a new level of lame.


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