Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Monday.

This is going to be annoying wedding-related crap. I know, I promised I wouldn't become one of "those" people. But, the damn thing is enveloping my whole life, and that's where the material comes from. At least you've been warned.

Xtian is handling the RSVP list for the wedding. Which is fabulous, since now I don't even have t look at them. Periodically he'll tell me who has recently RSVP'd, if it's someone we like, or someone we weren't sure would make it. This is generally a happy thing. We have a lot of family and close friends, so the invite list is really tight. We only have space for 80 people in the room, and 80 were invited. This means that two people have to not show up for Xtian and I to attend our own wedding. We've explained this to everyone. Everyone knows we are footing the bill for this wedding, and that we're doing it on a non-existent budget.
Apparantly, some people are rude asshats. Xtian's friend Sean, sent his response card in, perfect. What is NOT perfect, is that he RSVP'd for himself plus one. We didn't invite "guests" of our friends, because we are poor. And the more "dates" of our friends we invite, the fewer ACTUAL friends get to come. So, general rule is that it is rude to invite someone to a wedding, when you aren't given the option of bringing a date.
But going beyond rude, this isn't just any "plus one." This is Big Rhonda. The girl who is mean to me, openly. The girl who told Sean he wouldn't be able to visit Xtian until Xtian moved away from me. The girl who talks shit about me anytime she can. Yes, I can see why I would want her to share this event. (Note: Sarcasm).

Not only that, I'm also concerned about someone looking down on our wedding. We don't have a whole lot of disposable income. This is going to be a very simple wedding. All food is coming from Costco, for gawd's sake. This will not be the social event of the season. This will not be a wedding to beat all other weddings. And I don't like being judged. All the family and friends know the deal here and I know no one will anything less than supportive. But I worry that she'll say something either during or after the wedding that will make me feel embarrassed or, worse, ashamed of my own wedding.
I like what we're planning, I think it's keeping true to us. And sure, who wouldn't like having $30,000 to blow on a wedding? But we don't have 30 G's to blow. Hell, the whole thing is costing (not counting the dress, thanks Mommy!) under $1500. And I feel good about it. But I can also see how, viewed from unfriendly eyes, it won't be very sophisticated.

But god help that bitch if she says anything unpleasant. I'll have to send a couple of protective moms and friends after her fat ass.

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