Thursday, April 13, 2006

Holy crap, it's my 150th entry.

As often happens, April got me going on a tangent. I'm going to run with it.
Any person who knows ANYTHING is automatically a dumbass magnet. It's how these useless people continue to live and function. If they had to fend for themselves, they would die. These are the people who can't figure out the simplest of tasks. They can't figure out how to use email, destroy their computer's and then use their less dumbass friends to fix it. They don't know that you shouldn't ever use electrical appliances in the bathtubs, and then sue companies when they almost die. These are the people who call random customer service lines, and take 25 minutes getting some guy at Sears to explain how to use a fax machine.
I think we should proclaim a "No Helping Dumbasses with Simple Tasks" day, and keep evolution going. Same principle behind removing idiotic warning labels and letting those too stupid to know better, die. Think about it. The next time a high level executive has to ask some random employee how to use Power Point, just tell them, I'm not sure. Perhaps nothing bad will happen. But perhaps, if we continue to refuse help to those without any skills whatsoever, they will eventually get fired. Maybe it's just a pipe dream. But I can hope.
(PS, I'm not talking about normal, intelligent people who just need a little information every now and again. I'm talking about the people who ask, weekly, "how do I use the fax machine again?? Does the paper go right side up?" because they think it's easier than learning to do it themselves.)
Maybe, if we all work together on this, the idiots will die off, or at least stop being able to support themselves and so stop reproducing. Eventually, we may have a class of people smart enough to handle the most basic functions in life.
Does this make me a bad person?


I held out for as long as I could. But, it just stopped making sense. I a cell phone. I'm not anti-cell phone, per se. I just wanted to avoid. I like it that people can't always get ahold of me. I like that I have nothing else to do in the car, except sing along with the radio. And yes, I know you can turn cell phones off, or just don't answer them, but no one really does. Even if they ignore it, you can see that the person is distracted until they check the voicemail. I like that my dinners out are never interrupted by an annoying ringtone. That I'm not tempted to chat with someone while walking through a grocery store, oblivious to everyone else.
I think that's the part that bothers me the most. Cell phones allow people to completely ignore everyone else. Turning people into rude, inconsiderate accidents-waiting-to-happen. I'm tired of the constant noise. I'm abhorred when I go into the bathroom at work, only to find that someone is conducting a business call WHILE GOING TO THE BATHROOM. That's awful. Is no where safe? I hate being in a store, and having to dodge other shoppers who are so involved in conversation that they run directly into you.
I know this is not all the cell phone's fault. We live in a rude, self-involved society. Cell phones just make it so much easier to be unconcerned with the way your behavior is affecting others.
Call me Amish or a Luddite. It's ok. I've got it coming.

But now, I'm joining the ranks. Maybe, I just won't give my number out. hmmmmm.....


I just realized that last weekend is the final free weekend Xtian and I have before the wedding. the next several weeks are consumed with family visits, dress fittings, wedding showers, bachelor/ette weekends, out of state trips and gawd only knows what else.
Luckily, we made the most of it. We lounged on the couch, snuggled, went out for predinner cocktails and shot some pool. We made amazing dinners, yummy lunches and spent some good time just chatting.
Sunday evening, I had a pre-dinner drink/girlie chat time with Jen. Yeah, it's fun to go out and do stuff, but I have the most fun when we just sip rum, and chat for hours. Nothing better than getting home and realizing that your face hurts from laughing so much.
Jen's got a decade on me, and is very cautious about giving advice. She knows how obnoxious it can be when people barrage you with "If I were you" type conversations. Why do people think it's their duty to kill the idealism and naivete of those younger than they? That's what makes you able to keep going. If you knew everything, what would be the point in living?
But Jen is always very timid in expressing concerns. But eventually, she will. And I so appreciate it. She's one of the few people I know who successfully walks the line between proper expressing of concern, and overbearing telling you how to live your life. It's nice getting some sisterly advice sometimes.
My own sisters' lives are so far removed from mine, we really don't have much advice for eachother. Except when it comes to school. Then everyone calls me. It's kind of weird advising an older sibling, but it's how our family works. At least I've got Jen to pull me out of my own head from time to time and see things from a little different way.

Right, I've exhausted my writing for today. Happy Thursday. Only one more month of singlehood to go.

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