Thursday, April 6, 2006

Getting Hyphy

I've previously mentioned my cousin, the one in rehab in San Francisco. After the family was allowed to contact him again, I began periodically writing to him. I had heard that he's not very good at corresponding, so I didn't take offense when he never wrote back.
Until yesterday, when I found out he'd written to my older sister. Granted it was just a post card, but it still irks me a bit. Especially since, in this postcard, he wrote that he was bummed I wouldn't really have a chance to talk to him at the wedding, since I'd be so busy.
Yeah, because THAT's what is keeping us from talking? What an ass.
My cousin is 5 months younger than I. We grew up together. We were good friends and playmates until we hit our teen years. Which was about the time he decided that my older sister was the "cool" cousin and I wasn't to be spoken to unless there was no other choice. Amazing how he can still make me feel like I'm the loser cousin.
Also in this postcard, my cousing wrote to my sister "So, you're a lesbian. That's sweet."
Quite possibly the most hilarious thing ever written. I still can't stop laughing. Maybe it's only funny to me. Eh. Whatever.
Right, compulsory wedding information: apparantly there are two manufacturers who make "multi-racial" couple wedding toppers. And apparantly, they believe that all white women have blond hair. Very awesome. So instead of traditional cake toppers, we bought a GI Joe and Wonder Woman action figures to grace our wedding cake.
Take that! The best part is that the GI Joe is roughly 4 times larger than the Wonder Woman. I can't wait to see what ridiculous poses they're put into after a few rounds of beer. Ewwwwww.

Ok, if you have a moment and some headphones, this has been busting my ass up for two days:

I don't even know what to say about that.

Right, back to work. Thursday is a much better day of the week than Tuesday, don't you agree?

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