Monday, April 3, 2006

Insanity is a label, and I'm not into Labels.

And just like that, my hormones are raging again. I'm welling up in tears at the sight of small children. And no, I'm not PMS-y. I'm just crazy. Poor, poor Xtian. The poor man has to deal with my insanity daily. And, while sometimes crazy is cute, often times it's just scary and annoying. I keep waiting for him to look at me, and say "Umm, so I thought getting married was a good idea. I'm thinking, not so much anymore." But, he hasn't yet, and it's getting down to the wire. The poor bastard.
I think the "shotgun" wedding rumors are finally abating, due, in no small part, to my fabulous drinking performances over the past few weeks.
I've not been into drinking much the last few months (how many headaches do I have to suffer through before I realize that booze and I are only casual acquaintances, not best buddies?) But ever since the rumors began, I've felt obligated to prove that I'm NOT knocked up by drinking heavily. I'm a genious....or something.


The work project is becoming the Never Ending Project. I barely have enough time to get all my work done without this god-forsaken project. All my other work has been ignored for the last week while I attempt to build a website that
1. no one will use
2. is awful in design and content
3. should have taken 20 minutes to build
4. even when someone looks at it, they will still think to themselves "and I care about this because?"
Not that I haven't enjoyed a few moments of hilarity. I have to work with The HUMAN IRRITANT on this project, her name is CB. This person is not my manager. She really has no role in this organization, as far as I can tell. But she takes it upon herself to "manage" me. She calls to check-in, even though her desk is less than 10 feet away. (Of course she'd have to actually be AT work for that to come into play, and we know that won't happen.)
When the timeline for this project was discussed, I made it clear, that no matter what else, I was obligated to meet my standing deadlines, making Friday's pretty much off-limits. So, to please get all content to me with enough time to work with it and have it up to meet all deadlines.
Of course I didn't get any content until Friday.
So, CB walks in on Friday, (at 10 am, early for her) and asks how it's all going. When I tell her I'm in the middle of my standing work, and I'll get to her work in a few hours, she walks away mutter "this needs to be a priority, Lady Boss needs this. I hope you can explain...." etc. This happens about 12 more times in the course of the 6 hours she bothered to actually be AT work.
I almost laughed out loud in her face. And, when did she get her content to me? Today. Nice work, asshat.

Sorry for the bitching. I'm having too much fun pushing CB's buttons. She's such an evil human. Ever meet those people who are just utterly worthless people? She's the queen of them all. I can't figure out what function she actually performs that allows her to be employed still.

Ooooh, and her "boyfriend" (who is 60 if he's a day) shook my hand when he met me. No problem there. But it's the HOW of the handshake that makes my hackles go up. Limp, moist and clammy involving only two of his fingers. Say it with me "Ewwwwwwwwwww!!"

So yeah, not that I'm dwelling on it or anything...... Moving right along.

My friend Jen came over Saturday afternoon to show me her new tattoo. I'm totally jealous now. I've been wanting new tattoos for a few years now. But, I= poor and also not terribly sure what to get yet. Or where for that matter. Thinking the thigh......

Anyhow, the rain is not stopping. Strange, I thought I lived in Oakland, NOT Portland! If I wanted 11.5 months of rain a year, I'd move north. Fucking clouds. I haven't seen sun in weeks, and I'm starting to get a little claustrophobic.
On the positive thinking note: maybe all the rain will dump now and be clear, warm and gorgeous around the middle of May? Hmmm? Hmmm?

Yeah, right. Knowing my luck, Oakland will see it's first blizzard the night before the wedding. I'm just lucky like that.

Have a fabulous day. Fucking Monday.

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