Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Steve Perry Makes the World Go 'Round

This week, work decided to bend me over a chair and screw me. And not in a fun way. More like in a "I thought this guy was cute at the bar, but now that I've seen him in daylight he's just awful, and any sex will be bad sex. But since I did come all the way to his place, I may as well fuck him anyway. Probably take less time than making an excuse to leave" kind of way.
Basically, it's the standard crap, everyone is late getting things in to me, but I'm still held to their ridiculous deadline. So, I've been here ungodly early every morning, and my evil bitch of a lady boss keeps scheduling meetings at times that I'm not supposed to be in the office.

(Side story: I am a morning person. My best work usually occurs between 7 am and 11 am. I'm pretty much useless after 3. I also live in the ghetto. These two facts have lead me to adopt an early schedule at work. I'm here by 8, and I leave at 4. This way, I'm actually productive, and I don't have to walk through the ghetto after dark. I've explained this to all my coworkers, and it's never been an issue. However, Lady Boss dropped by my desk last week, asking me to do some random bullshit for her. She needed it by 11 am the following day, and I told her "No Problem." She asked what time I was leaving, I told her 4 pm. She asked if that was a regular thing, to which I replied, yes. She keeps making snarky comments about it and inventing ridiculous reasons to keep me here later.)

There's so much passive aggression going on here, I can't even begin to describe it. Ok, I might leave at 4 pm, but all my other coworkers rarely make it into the office by 10. Lady Boss included. And I've never seen any of them here past 5. So, really, who's putting the hours in?


Sorry about that, had to get my bitching out before I could function properly.
I've discovered that I really am even crazier than I thought. Apparantly, I'm the last to really discover it. Things bother me that no one else notices.
I got up this morning to find that a couple of cupboards and drawers in the kitchen were open. I couldn't do anything else until I closed them.

You know how sometimes you think that everyone else in the world is just a moron, and can't do anything right? It turns out, I'm just crazy.

Freakin' awesome.

The only thing that can make today bearable: Journey. I will be rocking it shortly.

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