Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Coley Sucks.

One of my favorite clients at work emailed me these two quotes. I have no idea if he made them up or not, so my apologies if I give credit inappropriately.

"Hollow laughter ringing through the halls of corporations around the world are a sure sign that people are still thinking and paying attention."

"Laughter is the tiny little hole that lets the bullshit out of a stuffed shirt."

At least there are people who understand the shit-tastic work world I operate in.


Last night Xtian asked me how I made friends when I moved here. Well, I've really only made one friend, and I met her through my job. Sure, I've got acquaintences, but Jen's the only one I actually talk to outside of work. Otherwise, I've imported Xtian but that's kind of it. I'm not terribly social, it seems. But, really, I've always been the girl who knows a lot of people, but only has a couple of really close friends.

Xtian on the other hand, is Mr. Social life. For the first time, he's struggling with making friends outside of the inherent social structure of school. He has a ton of friends, but they are all in Chico. He works with people who live far away, or are rather outside of his age group and of dissimilar interests. I'm feeling some guilt now. He's not really speaking to his old roommates/friends for several reasons. One of these reasons is that they have a hard time with Xtian and I being together. These are the 25 year old slackers. They still smoke entirely too much pot, get shitfaced drunk at least 3 days a week, still go to school intermittently, and work in menial part-time jobs. They don't get why Xtian would want to live with his girlfriend or ever leave Chico. And I can see that Xtian is hurting for some friends. Unfortunately, I'm not much help in this realm. I suck at meeting new people. And I hesitate to just rattle off the old cliches "volunteer!' "join a book club" Because frankly, I don't know how much help that would be. Xtian isn't really one for analyzing literature, and volunteering is such a mixed bag. Meeting new friends while out on the town is tough. Most people aren't trolling for platonic coupling.

So, basically, I'm feeling like a schmuck. Xtian's dying for some friends, and I don't know how to help. "Hey move to Oakland, where you'll be making less money than ever, your bills with quadruple, and you'll have no friends!!" Sounds like one hell of a sales pitch, eh?

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