Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bring on the Crap!

So, it's time for Everyone will Think I'm An Ass After this Post! time.

Precursor: I hate the term "PC." I hate the way it's used, I hate that it's villainized, I hate how conservative asshats try to defend their racist, homophobic and sexist shite by saying "I refuse to be all PC about it." It ain't about being PC. It's about thinking to yourself "would I still say this if someone of that background (be it race, color, religion, gender, lifestyle etc) were standing here?" If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn't say it. Ever. It's just called being a good person, in my humble opinion.

Keeping that in mind:
I started this train of thought with Faith today. I'm totally annoyed that it's considered "Un-PC" to say anything negative about a person just because they've done something good. For example: Lance Armstrong. He's an amazing athlete, and he beat a tremendously vile terrible disease. I respect him for these things. I respect his contributions, monetary and otherwise, to fighting cancer.
However, I am bothered that it's considered un-American and wrong to say anything negative about him. The second you bring up the fact that he dumped his wife, the woman who stayed with him before the fame, during the hard times in radical cancer treatments, so that he could be with Sheryl Crow, people jump on you. It's as though one character flaw will make this person non-heroic. And it's simply not the case.

We all have flaws. That's what makes us interesting. That is what makes us human. I love my little sister. In my mind, she can do no wrong. However, she does have what I consider to be one GIANT character flaw. She identifies as Republican, and still thinks Bush is the greatest president ever to live. (And yes, I do consider admitting to liking Bush a character flaw. Oy, now they'll come arrest me for not being head-over-heels for our Asshat-In-Chief. I knew it would happen at some point.) But, this does not reduce my love for my sister.

So, seriously, just because someone did something incredible, like beat a horrific disease, or excelled in a challenging sport, does not mean they get a pass on all negativity.

Although, just wait until I get cancer. (Which I'm pretty much guaranteeing after this post). Can you imagine sitting in a job interview, and they ask the old "what accomplishment are you most proud of?" I can't wait to just look them dead in the eye and say, "Well, I'd have to say the time I BEAT CANCER." Don't they like, have to hire me then? Or something?

I really don't remember where I'm going with any of this anymore. So I think I'll just kind of trail off.... and another....topic.....or something.......


And I know I've talked about this before. But I think I'll reiterate. I haven't really been one who's maintained friendships with ex-boyfriends. It's not that I haven't wanted to, with some of them at least. It's just that, I maintain a belief that all my exes should be banished to Siberia. There, they may take comfort in eachother, recounting the ways in which I am fabulous, and clearly, was too good for them. They may compare notes, and talk about how "I knew she'd discover how much better than me she was eventually, so I just enjoyed every day I had with her." Call me insecure, call me petty. I don't care. I think this is how a lot of people feel, if they'd be more honest.
For the "Mean" boyfriends, they only get to wear a sparkly thong, while in Siberia, recounting my fabulocity. (Fine Print: "Mean" boyfriends are to be determined by me and me alone. I reserve the right to change an exes classification at my whim. Mean may include those who cheated on me, disliked my cooking, ever called me a mean name, looked at me wrong, failed to tell me on a daily basis how amazingly wonderous I am, etc.)

Right, so nothing really interesting here today except: I'm not really a Lance fan, as it turns out, and I have a lot of ex-boyfriends who need to freeze.

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