Friday, February 24, 2006

It's time for.....

That's right, random, unrelated things!

First: Annoyance -
Last Friday, I decided to work from home for several reasons. (Literally not one other person from my department was to be there, I was supposed to drive Xtian to the airport at a really inconvenient time, etc etc). So, as my other coworkers have done in the past, I sent out an email first thing (read: at least 2 hours before anyone else even bothers to pretend to be at the office) informing everyone I could be reached via my home phone number. No one had any problem with this. And why would they? I was the only one WORKING. I got to the office Tuesday to find an email from the Lady Boss, snippily informing me that I needed to discuss working from home with her beforehand.
Do I also need to ask her permission before I use the ladies' room? Is there a hall pass I can use? And beyond that, if I didn't send that email, would she have known I wasn't in the office? Of course not. Because, quite honestly, I could stop showing up to work, and so long as one of my clients didn't complain, no one would notice. I'm relatively quiet, and, obviously, all my other coworkers are SO above me, they needn't speak to me. Ever.

Thing the Second: Self-Amusement (no, not that kind you perv!) -
I take immense enjoyment out of random corporate rebellion. Like today, it's casual friday. So, I'm wearing jeans. Ok, nothing rebellious there. Except, these jeans have MASSIVE holes in the crotch area, basically removing any semblance of material from my special areas. No one else can see it, because, well, no one's eyeing up my crotch. But I know it's there, and it makes me giggle.

Third: Apathy -
I in no way care about the Olympics. I don't care about the Winter games, I don't care about the Summer games. I'm annoyed that all of these athletes are under 30, and announcers insist on saying "this is the culmination of a lifetime of work." But, seriously, if they're really topping out at the age of 20, how pathetice will the rest of their lives be?
Xtian enjoys watching the snowboarding competitions. I find it hysterical to hear these uptight, self-important announcers using the snowboarding terms, which were all invented by complete stoners. "And here comes the fakie! That trick is totally steezy! The funbox really does help him get some mad air." Awesome. Just awesome.

Finally: Confusement -
So, with ridiculous attention to my caloric intake, I'm finally starting to see some weight loss. It's slow, but that's good, right? Here's the thing: I'm hungry all the time. And not eating what I want, or the amount that I want makes me really bitchy. Poor Xtian, you can just see him weighing the options in his head "hmmm, fat and happy, or thin and bitchy?" Poor kid, there's just no winning this one.

And now, I'm out of here. Up to Chico this weekend for some good dysfunctional fun!

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