Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Why does it seem I only write on Tuesdays...?

And I officially suck at updating this thing. Work has been busy, life has been stressful, blah blah blah.
For the third week in a row, I spent my weekend in Chico with my family. Part of Xtian's birthday extravaganza (I don't really do holidays very well, but Birthdays are sacred. In my home, birthdays are celebrated like a holy event, and I usually try to stretch them out a few days just to prolong the spoiling.) was a trip to Chico to see his friend, whom we'll call Duke, perform in a community theater rendition of Guys and Dolls. I like theater, and I like to support local arts, and I like Duke. So hurray, it's a winner for all.
The production was fine, for community theater. And Duke, who played Nicely-Nicely Johnson, was excellent, again, for community theater.
There was some potential drama at the show. (Long involved explanation: Xtian's dear friend Sean is involved in this theater, but not in the play and so is his raunch, evil human of a girlfriend, who we'll call Big Rhonda. Big Rhonda has been in the picture for quite some time now, and at first I tried to befriend her. I know how hard it is to be a female with this group of males, and so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. After several attempts I finally gave up. She always smiled like she was glad to see me, but would spend a whole lot of time talking shit about me, my life etc. So, I've finally decided I'm not going to pretend anymore. I'm not going to start drama, but I'm not going to put on my happy face for her benefit.) Big Rhonda was working at the theater, so instead of risking getting corralled into conversation with her, we left immediately, having already planned to meet Duke at his house.
The guys and I were all supposed to go out for drinks and I was looking forward to some dude time. We were hanging out waiting for the other guys to come home, chatting, generally having a delightful evening.
Duke pulled up and Xtian and I rushed to congratulate him on a job well done. Duke storms past us muttering "Thanks for staying after the show to congratulate me." And that was the last we saw of Duke.

So, the point of this long, drawn out story is this:
Dude, You may well be God's Gift to Chico Community Theater. But it's still JUST COMMUNITY THEATER! I can walk into an audition and get a part. Let it go. You are not allowed to pull prima donna bullshit on people who drove a total of 6 hours, spent money they didn't have, and gave up a whole weekend to come support you. Fuck off. Seriously.


Right, other than that life continues much as it has. Yesterday marked 6 months of Xtian and I living together. I think Jen said it best when she said "Already?" Time flies when you're having fun. I've often commented that I am the opposite of a romantic. I don't really do anniversaries and Valentine's day etc. So, how do I know that yesterday made it 6 months? Because Xtian marked it on the calendar. So much for gender norms.

Right, work is calling and I'm duty-bound to answer. Stupid duty.

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