Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gar, Tuesday.

I've been watching those around me lately, and I've come to the conclusion that people are completely un-self-aware. You want some examples, do you?
Well, alright then.
CB, the dreaded hag of a human irritant I work with, believes that she's really perceptive when it comes to how people feel about her. Then why does she still believe that most people like her and are willing to speak with her?
My friend makes awful choices about men, choosing men that are completely unable to be what she needs them to be, and wonders why she can't just find a happy relationship.
My family members are all so self-involved they make everything about them (I know, I do this too) and can't seem to understand other family-members' point of view.

I've always considered myself to be relatively self-aware. I think I know most of my patterns and shortcomings, but in light of the above observations, perhaps I'm just full of shit?

It must be mid-winter, or the closest thing we have to Winter in the Bay Area. The Funks are upon us. Everyone seems to be tired, unmotivated and crabby. I haven't heard a positive statement from anyone all day. Either that, or I'm surrounded by bitchy people.


Xtian's Birthday is on Thursday. And since I'm certain he doesn't read this site (speaking of which, from what I can see on most of my co-bloggers' pages, our respective significant others don't read our sites. I just don't understand it. If Xtian had a site that I knew about, I'd read it constantly. Perhaps I'm just a nosy person...) I'll reveal what I finally decided to get him for his birthday. After much thought and consideration, I bought him plane tickets to visit his mom in LA. I arranged to get him a couple days off work, and found a convenient time with his mother. While this may sound like an odd gift, we must consider two factors:
1. he hasn't seen his mother in almost a year.
2. Is there a better way to earn some brownie points from his mom?

And, frankly, I just ran out of time and creativity. I'm all shopped out from Christmas still. This is why having 7 birthdays within 3 months of Xmas SUCKS!! Thanks for the awesome planning, mom and dad! Way to ensure no one has any cash until mid-April. Woohooo! Assholes.

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