Thursday, January 5, 2006

Schizophrenia doesn't begin to describe...

Oh, good ol’ 2005. When 2005 began, I finally decided I was ready to start actually dating again. (That’s dating, as in spending time with people and possibly sleeping with them, instead of just sleeping with people then avoiding them for the rest of my life, which was how I spent the last half of 2004). I dated a few guys of varying ages and flavors. Found I disliked most of them, and gave up. Xtian moved in a few months later. Shows how well I give up at anything.
Work sucked then, and it sucks more now. No real progress there. But whatever.
At the beginning of 2005, I lived alone with my cats and rarely had guests. I lived in a shitty apartment run by a slumlord. Now I still live with my cats and rarely have friends over, but the house is now a homey space with enough room to run around and a backyard. Oh, yeah, and I live with my lover.
So, I made some good progress in 2005. Moved my life forward in a few ways and all that.

Can we officially call this the worst “year in review” ever?


Quick list of annoyances:
Lady boss eating an apple during a 3 pm meeting. Putting it into her mouth, licking portions of it, and setting back down on the table between bites. Ewww.
Coworker has cut her hair so that her feathered bangs look like a bad lady mullet. How does she not know that???
If you are in a meeting, and there is a discussion involved, when you agree with someone, or have nothing to add: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Saying “yes,” “yeah’ and “umm, well….yeah” does not add to the discussion and just pisses me off.

I’m having trouble sleeping again. I tend to be a part-time insomniac. But for the last year or so, I’ve been pretty good at going to bed at a reasonable hour, awakening early and well-rested. Now, I’m fighting to get to sleep before midnight, am restless and night-sweating and can barely lug my ass out of bed in time to get to work.

Oh and to top it all off, I’m having vivid pregnancy dreams, every night, several times a night. That helps the whole “ticking clock” mentality. Awesome. Officially a nutter. Is this a hold-over from the whole mormon upbringing? Did they implant something in my head that makes you baby-crazy after the age of 20? Like a microchip forcing you to think non-stop about procreating, screwing with hormones and even controlling your dreams? Think it’s a little too “conspiracy theory?” Think again. Those Mormons are tricky devils and they are hellbent on taking over the world by flooding the earth with baby Mormons.

Right. I’m tired. I’m out.

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