Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Happy f*ing 2006.

Mmmm, several days off work in a row make Coley happy. But that's all over now. The holidays have passed (two second recap: It was good. Nice time with family. I got a digital camera) and it's time to relax. For about three days, because in my family about 9 birthdays fall in the next two months. Nice planning mom and dad. Let's make sure no one has ANY cash at all until mid-April. geeez.

And so begins the Official Countdown. One month from today is my birthday. So, begin planning, saving and shopping for me. Come on folks. I got you all awesome, thoughtful, yet useful gifts for your respective birthday. Now, buy me a drink. Or just send cash. Or something. *sigh* I wish my family liked me. I barely got Xmas cards this year, and it's not like people forget Xmas, what with being assaulted with "cheer" everywhere you go for 4 months. How are people going to remember to send Birthday cards?

Shameless plugging for gifts officially over.
For now.

Being that I'm not all preoccupied with family and holiday frivolity anymore, clearly it's time to move on to a new freakout. Marriage.

As many will recall, young Xtian moved in a few months ago, and has since been making my world an utter delight. We've discussed the big M many times, and are both feeling pretty confident about the way things are going, and a very drunk Xtian even let it slip that he's got a specific ring in mind and has been saving up for it.

Now begins my freakout: I'm torn.

Part of me wants the big proposal complete with a makes-you-weak-in-the-knees ring followed by a big fuck-off wedding wherein 300 of my nearest and dearest will drink, dance and pay attention to me for a day.
But then part of me hates the whole idea and would rather head to city hall and get it done for under $100 and be finished with it.

This is why I'm insane. There is no reason to be thinking about this right now. No decisions need to be made today, and I'm even getting better at banishing the "need to have babies immediately" thoughts from my head. But of course, these are the thoughts that kept me wired and anxious at 1 am. I'm amazing.


Right, this is all for today. Have a splendiferous Tuesday.
coming soon: Coley's 2005 in review.
I know, you're all waiting with bated breath.

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