Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Crap Crap and More Crap!

I was having a shitty day at work, and here's a paraphrased IM conversation that made it all better.
#1: You are not worthless and neather is your time.
#2: Everyone hates KP and it is an evil place.
#3: you are incredibly smart and kind woman.
#4: you are funny and loved by many friends and family
#5: Its a lousy job and we will find you a better one.
#6: the coworkers really are psycho b!tches and karma is a drag when it gets you
#7: no one there likes them or takes their idiotocy serious
#8: the project will crash and burn since it is on Teamsite
#9: Beyond the hassle, it pays well and you dont have to be there all day.
#10: It would take them 10 years to fire you.
#11: I love you

It made me smile. I recommend modifying this to apply to your job, and reading it daily. Makes going to an obnoxious job that much more tolerable.
That and using the company's internet to job search and post on your blog.

This is going all over the internet, but just in case anyone missed it:
Put on the headphones. Turns out SNL can still be funny without anyone of note on the show. And on a personal note, any rap that embraces both cupcakes and licorice as a straw wins my vote.


In spite of my sleep deprivation, I agreed to accompany Jen to a Soltice Eve open house. When I got to Jen's, it was clear, we weren't going anywhere. Thank gawd. Instead of a potentially awkward social function, wherein I wouldn't know anyone and would have to make self-conscious chit chat, I got to hang out drinking wine and making dinner with Jen.
It was precisely what I needed. A delightfully lowkey evening full of giggles, amazing lamb stew, wine and girliness.

*sigh* What would I do without my chick time?

Little Fiddy came through his neutering just fine. I was a bit of a blubbery boob, but that's to be expected. Right as they take your little kitten away to cut him up, they make you sign waivers, and give you the clinic's mortality rate. Awesome. That doesn't cause my overactive imagination to go into overdrive. Not at all.

All day I'm waiting for the "oops, we killed your kitten" phonecall. This is me with cats. I don't think we want to know how insane I'd be with actual human children. Perhaps it's best we don't explore that option....
Alright, this weather is so gross, I'm dreading my walk home. I can barely see buildings 10 blocks away (note: I'm 15 floors up). I don't really have anything to say about this, but just wanted to share.
I know, I'm a total bitch, whining about the drizzly rain Oakland is currently experiencing. Oooh, 55 degrees outside? I know, I suck. But for those who live where it's cold, I have a message for you: MOVE!! Seriously, don't spend one more morning lying in the warm snuggliness of your bed praying for someone else to get up first and turn the heater on full blast so your tits don't fall to ground in a booby-ice-cube. I lived like that for 4 years, and you know what? I don't miss it. Sure, some people really enjoy the snow. But if I really want to play in frozen water, I'll drive a couple hours to the mountains, and then get back in my truck and go home where it's NOT 15 below zero. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

I have a theory that people who claim they love the cold are actually frigid, insane and in need of some medical/psychological testing. But that's just me.


Right, my whole department is at a meeting (clearly, I'm not important enough to attend...) so I'm getting the hell out of here. Have a fabulous Wednesday.

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