Monday, December 19, 2005

Annoyance. yet again.

In the continuing saga of the "I Dislike my Coworkers" variety, I give you....last Friday.
We had our department holiday party last Friday. The luncheon began at 11:30 am, so I would need to leave the office by 11 am to get to the location.
It's common knowledge at my office that Fridays are off-limits for meetings. I have numerous deadlines to meet every Friday, and am usually scrambling to get all my work done on a normal Friday, let alone on a day which would only have me in the office for 3 hours, maximum.
I had mentioned to everyone that I would be particularly off-limits that day, due to the aforementioned issues. When I got to the office on Friday, NOT ONE OTHER PERSON FROM MY DEPARTMENT BOTHERED TO EVEN SHOW UP! On the plus-side, at least I wouldn't get asked annoying questions while I was hauling ass to do all my work.
And then the meeting request arrived for 9:30 am. Awesome. I responded with a tentative acceptance. I actually needed to be at this meeting, but jebus, a little warning is usually appreciated. I immediately received a condescending, snarky email informing me that this really needed to get done, and the ball needed to get rolling before the email's author went on vacation (subtext: her vacation, since I clearly should still be at work slaving away while the important people were taking much needed breaks from their hectic lives. ) so, this meeting was mandatory.
Here's the thing. People suck. My department-mates suck. I'm treated as unimportant and secretarial when it suits them and they want bullshit work done. I'm trampled upon when they are feeling undervalued, because clearly trampling on someone else will build up their feelings of self-importance. But, when they actually need ME to do work (because it's my area of expertise, or they don't know how to do it, as opposed to the times they just don't want to do something) I'm "a vital part of this team." Thanks. Thanks a lot. Fuckwads.


My little kitten gets fixed tomorrow. Our favorite thing to do is taunt him by telling him "we're cutting your balls of tomorrow, little man. No more balls for you!" I think it's hilarious, I don't think Fiddy is very amused by it.

Xtian recently decided that King Kong is to Anne Darrow as Fiddy is to me. (Little SAT analogy test for you all). Meaning that Fiddy is desperately in love with me. He follows me around the house, looking lovingly up at me. While taking a bath the other day, he sat on the edge of the tub, nuzzling my head, crying because he couldn't sit in my lap. If I'm in the kitchen, standing at the stove, he will sit on my feet and purr. This is adorable. to me. Xtian is a little annoyed by it. While I sleep, Fiddy curls around my head, usually resting his chin on my forehead, and glares at Xtian. If Xtian tries to snuggle in, Fiddy swats at him. It's not that Fiddy doesn't like Xtian, when I'm not in the room, he will climb on Xtian and snuggle up. But the minute I'm around, Fiddy has to be with me.
I don't think he'll like me so much after tomorrow's little *ahem* procedure. Poor love.

I love my new landlords. They live right across the street, the smile and wave when I see them, but for the most part leave us the fuck alone. The only time I hear from them is when they call to see if it's convenient for them to fix a problem on a specific day. Just wonderful. I called to let them know something was wrong, and they actually took steps to fix it. Within the week. I guess when you are used to scumbag, slumlords, everything else seems better by comparison.


Right, my girl Sarah is almost here, so I'd better run home. I don't think she'd like to roam through West Oakland alone....

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