Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vagina Talk: Worst Radio Show ever.

So, we haven't discussed my vagina in a while, so I figured, it's about time.
My body hates me and has decided that my period will arrive 3 weeks early. Regardless of the fact that I am on a heavy dose of birth control pills. So, just for fun, I'm actively menstruating. To make matters even better, if it does not stop soon, I will have to go sex-less until after the New Year. Xtian's brother is spending the next few weeks with us, and I don't think Xtian is comfortable with doing it with his brother in the next room. Wonder why? For some reason, every time I get menstrual, Xtian gets in the mood. Or maybe he's always like that, and I only notice it because I'm SOOOOOO not in the doing it mood. Hmmm, interesting question.....

In a similar vein: Xtian mentioned that something was wrong with the bed yesterday. I hadn't noticed anything, but came in to see what he meant. It looked fine to me, until Xtian instructed me to look under it. Oh.
This is a queen size bed, as such the bed frame has 4 outside pieces that connect into a square, and three middle pieces that stretch accross from side to side. The legs on the 3 middle pieces were bent at 45 degree angles. Wow. I mean, I know the bed moves from time to time, but I had NO idea it was this bad.
So, I'm trying to lift the bed while Xtian straightens them out, but they keep leaning as soon as the bed is put back down. So, we make the fix as best we can and leave it alone. After all, it hasn't stopped working as a bed, so fuck it.
Xtian keeps apologizing for breaking my bed, but can't keep the proud smile off his face. Ah, men. I can't wait to hear the conversations with his friends over this. Like a locker room, but less censored.

Right, Wednesday sucks this week. I don't even know how to talk about it. I thought yesterday was bad, but I think I've aged 12 years since I got to work this morning. Freakin' awesome.

Think I might just sneak out early to go pick up Xtian's present. I'd write what it is, but just in case he reads this and hasn't told me....

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